About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to build democratic, secure and prosperous Tigray where every citizen has a full right to learn, work and live in peace and dignity.

Our Mission

TADA UK aims to build a robust and knowledge-based economy and society in Tigray, through Advocacy and Development work, by using  project  initiatives, sound policy and strategies, effective human capital development., technology and knowledge transfer endeavours. This could be achieved by identifying and organising Tigrayan professionals and develop their capacity with the help of continuous professional development (CDP); personal development planning (PDP) and peer mentoring so that, they are better able to identify, participate more fully in the mainstream UK economy as well as help in rebuilding the war-torn economy of Tigray.

Our Core Values

The work of TADA-UK is underpinned by the core values of:

  • institutional independence,
  • pro-democracy, human rights, good governance and rule of law,
  • pro-business, pro-poor advocacy & Commitments for growth,
  • integrity, excellence, evidence based decisions and policy making,
  • high level ethical standards, impartiality, inclusiveness, unity of purpose,
  • multilateralism, cooperativeness, tolerance, respect for diversity and equality,
  • transparency and openness,
  • equally share inclusive British and Tigrayan values.

Our Objectives

For the public benefit to assist the victims of the war on Tigray living in the UK, in Tigray, in other parts of the world by assisting them to heal from the ravages of war and rebuild their livelihood, education, historical heritages, environment and economic infrastructures as well as their mental and physical health, by whatever means the TADA Trustees may from time to time think desirabl particular but not limited to:

  • Mentoring: bring Tigrayan communities and Tigrayans in diaspora together to provide a mentoring scheme to support the resettlement of Tegaru refugees in the uk.
  • Advocacy: provide a collective campaigning for international advocacy and representation for the victims of human rights infringement in Tigray; by documenting evidence of all war crimes in Tigray so that the victims can obtain redress and justice as well as facilitate national and international accountability.
  • Human rights: facilitate dialogue and promoting peace and respect for human rights and justice in the Tigray Regional State and share information of human rights violations with the community members in the UK, the general public, and our affiliate organisation through direct campaign and creating and maintaining an online website and social media platforms.
  • Education: work to the advancement of education and knowledge capital in technology, creative digital skills, engineering, science, mathematics, information technology, employability, health and wellbeing in Tigray by creating partnership with UK and International schools, universities and related institutions and creating digital and coding education to help refugee and disadvantaged Tegaru children in the UK.
  • Reconstruction: bring about links within Tigrayans community in diaspora so that they can volunteer to participate in the rebuilding the war ravaged region of Tigray by developing educational, scientific, medical, industrial, commercial, environmental, technological and social infrastructure by pulling resources from Tigrayan investors, international charities, companies, individual investors  as well as coordinate Tigrayan and international volunteers.
  • Relief of poverty: raise support for the relief and assistance of the victims of war in Tigray in the form of money or other means deemed suitable such as medical aid, educational materials or tools and equipment (in line with the law of England and Wales) for persons, bodies and organisations affected by the war on Tigray .
  • Heritage: preserve Tigray history by  creating and maintain a Digital Library for the storage and  safeguard and share records of Tigray literature, history, language, culture and heritage sites; including economic, social, financial and environmental initiatives, and political developments so that it is accessible to the public.
  • Environment: promote education in the adoption of sustainable energy, water and environment management systems in agriculture, industry and commerce in Tigray through training and making grants to such persons or organisations as the trustees see fit in order to encourage the deployment of sustainable projects.
  • To further such other purposes which are charitable according to the law of England and Wales as the trustees see fit from time to time.