Science or Fiction?


By Yared Huluf

(A response to Professor Messay Kebede)

There is no a thin
Or a thick water.
There is only one – water.

Water remains water,
Unlesss faced with exerted pressure
By an external force of power;
It has no means to thwart,
In defence of its stature.

There is either water
Or there is no water
And there is only one way this liquid
in nature can be obtained.

A dvandva of two elements;
A covalent molecule,
And an ionic compound;
None of which subservient.

Dangerously unbalanced;
Equally but fatally driven limerent;
With Insufficient electrons,
Of their own,
In an atom shell, as a goon,
Locked in,
Dextral destined to run.
So to consummate irrevocable union.

Inevitable flail,
Of anatomic shell,
In lemerence so fatal,
Looking for a lasting connubial
Round the circle dextral.

Water that is then formed remains as water;
No less no more,
It does not go down
Nor it does ramp up higher.

Unlike nation states;
Even the best of the best,
Glued by isopolitical consent,
As such, a man-made tenet,
Any time conveniently bebent or dented.

Thus far if we agree,
Likewise, a tree is also called a tree,
Regardless any species!
It has a root, a stem and branches.

And all branches of a given tree,
Are not distinct from one other,
They bear the same traits
Regardless they be short, tall
With or without a dense foliage.

Roots supply water,
Leaves capture
Carbon dioxide and sunlight;
As in a mirror,
To produce Oxygen and sugar:
An Energy, life to power.

There is no tree without a root
Nor foliage perched on branches.
Thus there is no unity of parts but one – a tree.

Unlike in nature,
There is no divine unitary state
That is in league with water;
Or a plant with branches up higher
And roots down under;
Working in unison as nature required.

A unitary state harmonious or ruinous;
They are all man made
And are as defective as their pilot!
Unlike the good professor claimed,
In his eximious literature.

This brings me to venture,
The Amharas couldn’t disguise any more,
A simulacrum slogan of a unitary overture:
As inviolable hymns of the bible;
That all must assemble
To submit their will.




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