Hamartia, Eritrea!


(By Temesgn Kebede) –

A chain of events, wrongly tied cascade: hamartia
Alas, they sealed the fate of Eritrea!
Just as in a malignant cancer
One needless cell breeds another
Eritrean Sciamachy metastasised,
Turned metanoia apostasy
They cannot live without fantasy!

The people built towers
Only to spend equal if not more
To bring it down flat to the floor!
They sacrificed blood and bones
For peace to be borne
Only to be desecrated it and torn.
Topsy turvy the country has gone,
Exodus Eritreans yon.

They ventured across
Enduring the uninsurable nonetheless;
The threat of a barchan to face
And the merchants of death
Hovering like vultures over the Hades River Lethe
The sinners gasp the last breath:
The Rashaidas’ sole interest
With no life’s respect
To sell body parts
To the Croesus of the desert.

Talk of celebration of independence
Eritreans have no right to express
If they do not respect that of others!

You can’t have your cake and eat,
Supporting Russia and lead cosy life in the West;
Double standard, to say the least!


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