(By Yared Huluf) –

The man has twin tongues
But antipodes to one another
He has also the confidence of a faith
At a knock of a door,
That penetrates peoples vulnerability,
Due to lack of perceived identity,
And in God ‘s eye visibility
Proselytisation hence becomes a possibly.

With the two Arsenal under his oxter
The man has utter contempt, utter
When the twin tongues are deployed
To disarm his victims and destroyed.

One tongue champions progress
That of his predecessors,
Only for a self services purpose,
While the other tongue rebukes
Efforts thus far attempted,
To convince and kowtow his other audience.

Unfortunate that it may,
The man could be,
Mythomaniac zombie,
Suffering from mental break,
But what is baffling to reckon
That he goes on unchecked,
When repeated blatant lies,
From his twin tongues flies,
They go on board a train,
Crisscrossing the planes
Off into the unsuspecting brains,
Thereof metastasized as facts
For ever to remain.

Tragic as it may be,
For such a person, what acridity
Can be expected from silent majority
That gravely felt lose of opportunities
Extracted from oppressed minorities.

Perhaps one day, it is hoped,
Things might go to the past
At the 11th hours of the dusk
The glory and fame they once shared to bask.


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