Gross Humanitarian Neglect in Tigray


(By W.S. Asfaw) –

The ongoing crisis in Ethiopia created and perused by Abiy Ahmed and his reckless officials was not given enough attention by western governments but lip service so far. In almost two years since the war of aggression (Nov.4,2020), was started on the people of Tigray, the west’s response was at most ambivalent at worst indifferent and confused. Thanks to the great many international media coverage of objective and balanced investigative reportage, the public was glaringly able to see the pernicious acts of (Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Edi Amin, Sadam Hussien) evil leaders enacted once again. The severe barbarity pursued against the people of Tigray for practicing their democratic rights, which enviably all western governments advocated had suddenly became a non-issue. The democratically run election was witnessed by international observers was accredited superbly.

Abiy Ahmed armed with factory lies, innuendo, and deception, started the war and boosted that he will finish the war in Tigray in less than a weeks’ time. Col. Abiy was convinced that his well-equipped 300,000 Federal army, and over 350,000 Isaias army were invincible. The 10,000 Formajo army from Somalia and nearly 150,000 Amhara militia, as well as the reorganized bandits called Fano, and militias from other federal regions were supplementary (extra) to give moral boost towards the well designed war of attrition on the people of Tigray. By October 2020, all the army and militias from different divisions congregated on all corners and encircled Tigray who had , about 10,000 ill equipped militias. Abiy and Isaias had secretly planned to avenge Tigray since 2018. The evil shuttle diplomacy of Abiy and Isaias was not circumvented to Asmara and Addis Ababa (Arat Kilo). To literarily destroy Tigray, the acts of evil spread their wings to many places to beg financial and political support to their party. This included, United Arab Emeritus, Suadi, US, Sudan, Uganda, Djibouti, Cairo, and many others were called to support their genocidal journey.

The war started on the planned date 3rd of November on the eve of public Holiday in the US (4thNovember Thanksgiving Day). It was meant to be a special gift to President Trump, as it consequently revealed by Secretary of State Pompidou and Trumps action betrayed them in public that it was sanctioned by the then Whitehouse officials.

While the western societies are to be applauded for raising the Humanitarian concern high and above in their agenda, the rest of the World in particular the UN officials were sympathetic with the Ethiopian and Eritrean led brutality. The head of the UN preferred to join the human right violators while the hard-won UN Charter of 1945 was being trashed in front of the international communities. The genocide that Hitler waged against the Jews and other ethnic minorities is replicated in 2020by the twin evil forces of Abiy and Eritrea.

The emerging tyrants of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed and  Isaias Afeworqi of Eritrea schemed and planned to attack Tigray since 2018.The preceding years of Hailemariam’s term, Abiy as a member of INSA was an inside informer for many countries. According to Andargachew Tsege, Abiy was for years committing treasonable crime by providing National Security documents to foreign capitals through mostly affected  various channels.

Ever since the war started, Tigray had been under siege by all the enemy forces. ,There is complete blackout in all aspects of life for nearly two years. Abiy had ordered to cut off telecommunication services, electric, banking system, water supply, food and medicine, to ensue his barbaric mission of total extermination of Tigray by vicious methods which only was crudely used by Hitler and Mussolini planned. Nearly ten million people are suffering from man made starvation mainly affecting children, women the week and sick of society.

The west, particularly the US could have averted the loss of 500,000 people exterminated in Tigray in the first six months of the war only. The moral obligation and responsibilities lies at the door of every western governments.

  1. The Ethiopian government is refusing to let the UN appointed International Humanitarian Commission to go and visit the war torn areas of Tigray and the remaining population traumatised by the savagery of the war.
  2. The UN seems to tacitly support the genocide as it continuous the look warm approach,
  3. The African Union riddled with its unique view on humanity, is fixated by the Biafra experience of unrest and solving uprisings its own method. Despite the Federal Constitution of Ethiopia Article 39, the AU is standing against the interest of the people adamantly,
  4. Tens of thousands of Tigrayans are in the name of “law and order” imprisoned illegally for years without court order, Africa Union (AU) is refraining to raise such issues not to upset the regime in power,
  5. As long as the siege continuous in Tigray and call for peaceful resolution the hope of peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict is on the doorsteps of the Federal government. Thus, the issue is certainly outside the means of bringing the government to its senses out forcing it through war.

If the war flares again, the responsibilities rests also in the mentors of the brutal regime of Ethiopia. Nevertheless, the people of Tigray are well aware of the intention of the twin megalomaniacs, who are openly declaring the wiping out of the people of Tigray.

Tigray shall Triumph

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