Calling All Eritreans!


(By Temesgn Kebede) –

you cannot expect viral rabid infected dog to behave as told. If you expected the dog to behave as taught he would then it is not the dog but the expectant who ought to be questioned and regarded as seriously sick and not the poor dog which is in trouble. The dog can’t help but spinning out of control. It is in the nature of the disease it is suffering from, Kaput: full stop!

By the same token you do not expect Isayas’ led EPLF gangs to normally behave as one would have expected them to do after going through a protracted struggle to liberate Eritrea from the Amharas expansionists.

So much misery they had gone through, they ought by now would have had developed the sense of sympathy for anyone going through a difficult time for whatever reason for all the world care!

They should have paused and reflected what the Eritrean people had gone through and at least stave off Eritreans as well as others from the mishap that befallen on the people through no fault of own. But what we see is contrarious to expectations.

It is the case of a mad dog that bits the hand of that fed it. Would you blame the dog. No! But would you watch the dog go in circle biting every family member of the one who raised it as well as others? No! The dog needed to stopped.

But somewhere somehow the EPLF was inflicted with rabid viral that does not help to identify friends from enemies, peace from wartime. It has turned bellicose not only against adversaries but also close friends and even its own shadow at times!

Why would then EPLF go into war against Eritreans within its own rank and files and/or other Eritrean organisations, the likes of EPLF? Why would EPLF raise arms against Tigray, now and then when Tigray was the only close friend at its darkest hours?

Do you expect reason would come out from such an organisation? Do we expect reason and compassion to prevail in the minds of Isayas and his acolytes. No! Time and time again he has proven to be cantankerous and war like mad dog let loose!

I am not roundly asserting Isayas and his Co. are mad dogs beyond recovery only their expiration settles their distractive consequences. There may be more evil picture unbeknown to most!

Isayas May be a traitor with intent programmed to deny Tigrayans a peaceful existence as much as the Eritreans their hard won independence.

That said, mad dog and/or a traitor nothing is good news if he and his Co. Partners continue to walk alive.

The soon he they are brought to account the better for all concerned!

So why waste time, waiting for some good things to come out from these gangs. Tigrayans and Eritreans should aim to wipeout them out before they cause more miseries and sufferings for God sake!



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