Menelik was an Eritrean!


It is a waste of time and energy. I am deluding myself thinking things and thoughts could change in the Eritrean Shiabia/ሻዓብያ quarter. It has never it will never change. But the point, how demeaning is disgraceful it is that they have such a low level of respect for the people they preach outright distortions.
It is like telling them that is night when it is really day. When they are facing the ocean, they tell them it is a firm ground they could and should walk over to the other end and the followers turn eager to walk frolicking and dancing to the tune of their masters.

ለራስ ሲቆርሱ ኣያሳንሱ when offered a plate they grab more than their stomach could accommodate an expansionist and colonial adage typical of the Amharas and Eritreans.

They fought for well over half a century to claim their rightful independence without a blink of an eye, condemning others for not supporting their cause, now they turn around condemning Ukraine as a rouge state for fighting to retain its independence and choosing whoever the Ukrainians want as allies and friends as they see it fit their existence.

These idiots can’t see themselves in the mirror and notice their monstrous reflections.

They have the audacity to enter into military pack with Russia at a time the world witnessed the Russian’s desperate attempt to dehumanise the Ukrainians and instead choose to condemn its actions. And yet they felt it is their right to join the Russian pack but fail to see that Ukraine has the same rights to join forces with whoever they wish to secure their rightful place.

Maybe because the Eritreans have now chosen to wine and dine with the former killers and oppressors, they are angry that the Ukrainians are not doing the same. This lot are a disgrace to human race.

Because the Eritrean masses are mute, some stargazed that their bosses are top world leaders about to deliver Nirvana to these year-round flip flop wearers.
It is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Eritrea does not have the legal and moral grounds to interfere in any other country’s’ internal affairs. Who do the Eritreans think they are?

You can’t build a nation by wrecking others. The end result is bury your head carrying the burdens.

Read below what this Pollyanna has written to feed his gullible cult followers!

Belay Ambelay

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