Amhara elites derogatory and disregard of other Nationalities!


The Amhara elites are all over the place. They are the chiefs and invited guests at the same time. They profess Ethiopia is undisputed one nation smelted as iron rod. Their language, culture. flag, identity has to be the language, culture, flag and identity of all its subjects regardless of where they came from or how.
The trouble even if the other nationalities shade their skin teguments, train their tongues to speak their language, gone through belief metanoia to follow an Amhara religion, which they haven’t got, they still will not be accepted and respected as one of the Amharas’.

Look at the photo representing Prime Minster Abiy Ahemed with protruded jaw and distorted nose, implying that he is, whatever and however he shows his loyalty, a baboon-looking Oromo figure. This is reaffirmed by the video clip attached, where Professor Alem Eshete categorically stated that Gallas have always been Gallas, denying the name “Oromo” and their image in the eyes of Amhara people”.

Ethiopian history by Professor Tekeste Negash & Professor Aleme Eshete

Please click here to watch the full video.

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