“Total revolution” Isayas style!


ንኣፈን ዘይብለን ቀጠምጠም ሓሪር መሪር ንርእሰን ሻሽ መጠምጠም፣

Apple polishers, narcissists, paid against, dork cretins are driven to accomplish a given task. They have no space for a nerve tissue or choice but to carry on the tasks assigned. They cannot or couldn’t question why they have to do the missions assigned. They have no the brain to retrospect nor Even if did they couldn’t afford to challenge; they do what they are told.

The danger one needs to aware of is these lot have mastered the skills how to rapport and approach anyone and everybody in any shape, belief and skin colour.

Once they succeeded gaining someone’s confidence they start spewing their poisonous influences and do the damage.

If one is vulnerable then they had it; they are destroyed. But it is too little too late ti regret.

Such people are the last resort of mortal enemies who have run their full course to defeat their contender – Tigray.

The Amhara ruling class and its subservient guard – Eritreans, have exhausted their resources to defeated and knuckle under Tigray and now they are compelled to use Tigrayans paid agents and/or zombies to do the last minute desperate job for them – extend the invasion by other means to help salvage their intent of genocidal missions.

Unless one is a simpleton one wouldn’t fail to identify such paid agents.

For a start they are good for nothing and raise issues at the wrong place and time; as I said for they have no brain at all or if they pretend they have; it is the brain of their masters in borrowed bounce.

The paid against are incapable of making a boiled egg, clean up their dirty plates or spread a bedsheet on a bed they sleep.

Because you have you own view, which one is entitled to, beliefs, sort of work ethics wouldn’t make you a master of politics and preach others to follow suit.

A politician is one who is able to foresee/ foreshadow events in advance before they become apparent to others.

One is not an expert by simply pointing out events after they happened and criticise others for the errors they committed, if indeed they have committed.

One need not relay on others making mistakes for him/ her to be picked up as a person with the right mind. One needs to have a vision of his/her own superior than that of those he/she blames.

Pointing figures at others wouldn’t make one better than those s/he blames ad naueam!

At a time Tigray has not got back up on its feet after a genocidal war, a call to bring about “total revolution” and/ or with intent to the removal of TPLF from the face of the earth, is in itself a total lack of understanding of basic politics let alone to be an expert and foresighted.

And this is deliberate to discombobulate and confuse the people of Tigray.

How on earth would “a total revolution” would come about at this juncture of total eclipse? They have no clue and wouldn’t tell you at a time of total distraction!

Besides, they couldn’t understand, Tigray has a Transitional Government decided by external forces, including by its detractors.
The transitional government will call a general election six months after the “Pretoria Agreement” is done and dusted.

Without the full package of the Pretoria Agreement, there is no proper Tigray per se, let alone to carry out a total revolution? Why call a unworkable and I’ll-advised removal of Transitional Government and scamper inciting people for a total revolution?

If indeed they were to bring a “total revolution” wouldn’t they prepare themselves and the people instead of grabbing the occlusion by its throat and destroy the Pretoria Agreement and with it dragging Tigray to its grave.

But Apple m-polishers and paid agents have no brain to think; they are driven by someone’s else brain to do the job assigned.

There is no point trying to reason with such people; it is a waste of time, they will not listen. They are controlled and have no brain of their own. All one got to do is avoid such people. Stay away at arms length not to be polluted.

Tigrayans need to be aware that they are NOT fighting to defend and support TPLF nor TDF, Wither the thought! They stand up and fight the enemies because the enemies are not only against TPLF but equally if not more against the Tigrians themselves.
It is an instinct behaviour to defend oneself Tigrayans ought to do. No advisor is need to explain this.

They are not doing this not for the sake of one party or another but for their existence.
Manipulating Tigrains not to do this is manipulating them to bring their own demise. Would you want to do this? I am afraid not!
Stay away from Tigrayan paid agents and/or zombies!
That way Tigray will survive and thrives!

Tell them to leave your back and go to their masters’ household to wash dishes or prepare boiled-eggs in an oven!

Yared Huluf

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