Lucifer or an Angel Revealed! (Updated)


The universe is made of matter. Humankind is matter. Matter is made of atoms. An atom is a particle of protons, neutrons and electrons. Some atoms are unstable, have insufficient electrons; some are stable. Those atoms which are unstable need to bond (valance) with other atoms to acquire the state of stability. Those which bond with similar atoms are called pure elements, those which bonded with other types of atoms are called Molecules or compounds.

If we assume human beings are compounds of atoms, their electrons move around just the same way other electrons move around in other matter forms.

The nerves, which we don’t see, act as shells as in other atoms carrying energy and information to the brain, which act as a circuit board analysing and synthesising the energy and information received and relay back its findings to the original point of the gathered information or where the event occurred and it is cured.

Then the affected body and indeed the body universe in connection with the mind/circuit board makes a conscience decision about what to do next: the decision taken could be to move away, stay or suppress the information/event depending on the nature of the information gathered. If the event that occurred was too overwhelming for the body matter to cope with, then the event is consigned to the subconscious domain. That is what might be called a conscious decision being carried out to subconsciously suppress the event.

If we say the information/event is consigned to the subconscious domain because of its overwhelming gravity it does not mean it is ignored. It is recorded and shelved or buried.
Let us not be worried about it now, but make no doubt the body universe was initially aware of what it was confronted with and a conscious decision to deal with it was performed.

Once events are transformed and recorded in the subconscious domain they turn into spiritual phantoms: negative or positive charges.

Depending on what triggers these electronic charges, they reappear and assume sensual: tactual, visual, audio, isomatic and tastable entities, causing damaging negative or positive electron particles which in turn lead to threatening or blissing effects.

Some people believe a Beelzebub/ Luciefer manifested telling them to execute an order while others see an angel revealed and assigned them a mission to perform: energising them to carry out the mission overcoming all odds.

In other words such people begin to dwell in a fourth dimension transcending the third dimensional world in which most people dwell.
For example, a hypnotist psychiatrist could disarm the sensory organs ( taste, smell, touch, hear and vision) of a troubled person, which act as a defence of the conscience matter/body against the subconscious and reveals what has been kept buried in the domain. The expert does this in order to understand the root causes of problems the person kept hidden, unaware of him/herself. He does this to help the person to bring out the issue to the conscience domain and resolve the problem once and for all.

This is to deal with a negatively charged electrons that have a damaging effect. But a psychiatrist would waste time with positively charged electrons that create euphoric bliss because they have no damaging effects; in fact the opposite and one would want to more of it if possible.
The reality is that a significant number of people are affected by negatively charged electrons. That is why we have a world full of lunatics – driven to warring, envy and distractions.

Transcending from the reductionist third dimensional world, we live in a fourth dimension and do not need to disarm/ paralyse our five sensual organs as in a dream we experience when we sleep. If we can keep the sensual organs active and operationally function and be able to dream at the same time we could dwell in a state of bliss. But to do that we have to be selfless. To be selfless doesn’t mean deny the self in fact the self achieves for itself more than it could when it is selfish.

This is the road to harmonise the particles of body-matter; reenergise; reinvest as in like compound interest; parlay and Win-win existence; not the likes of Isaias, what do you call the other Evie’s thingamajics, I forgot their names.

The sensory organs perception of three dimension and four dimensions.

Depending on the negative or positive charge one is going through transcending the third Dimension reaching the fourth dimension sound gets louder or mellifluous, vision gets larger or small, tase gets bitter or sweet, smell gets mephitic or fragrance, as displayed in the video below, albeit the video shows only the visual part only

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Yared Huluf

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