Break the back of low level officials in Tigray


When a cloud of existential threat is hovering over Tigray from several nefarious and domineering groups, one resists the urge to raise matters of other kinds of injustices within one’s own homeland. For fear of ruffling the feathers of our own (with whom we’ve had long standing civil issues with) and in turn create an opening for more sinister foreign actors to sense our schisms and exploit to their own political end; we will bite our lips and hold our nerve. A morale quandary no doubt, but not without a timely solution that perhaps more senior officials can remedy.

I believe that the existential treat is still pervasive and very real for Tigrayans, and that they have no alternative option but to stick to the existing leadership structure, until such time it is safe from internal and external hostile forces. The very same who want to plunder Tigray, and demoralise all Tigrayans, driving them back into the dark ages. That being said, if such a time comes when the region has been stabilised, and political representation of the Tigrayan people needs to change it has to be done by the peoples will and at the ballot box.

However, the rallying calls for unity by all Tigrayans under one flag has given confidence to the brazen cadres and low ranking  officials operating in various towns of Tigray, but none least of all than at Adua’s Municipal (as I have first hand evidence and I can substantiate if need be). It has further emboldened them to carry on business as usual and continue deploying corrupt and unfair practices when dealing with the public.

The unconditional and unanimous support the people have generated, and subsequently offered to all Tigray as a whole feels that it has been taken for granted. What this now means is that any grievances that were filed and raised by those seeking fair solutions to complex civil matters, are now considered as petty as a farthing in the face of all Tigray’s myriad insecurities. These so called matters filed by ordinary Tigrayans are left without consequence and swept under the carpet.

That said, justice denied for some is justices denied for all. If the malfeasance of such low level officials is not addressed in time and the longer it lingers, the more damaged it causes both for the victims and the leading Organization that is now burdened with the safeguarding of its people from threatening adversaries.
Popular support for the TPLF does not mean that low level officials have carte blanche to continue  their corrupt practices.

The cadres and low level officials at the Municipal for the last 29 years  have been exploiting a loophole  emanating from the declaration of land as a national asset, that would be leased to private citizens for their personal gains. The corrupt officials have been known  to grab land from those who least defend themselves and offer it for sale at a knockdown price  to emerging nouveau riches without any fear of accountability. This has been going on for the last 29 years unabated and the TPLF appeared to have had no time to deal with such low level corruption: let us give them the benefit of the doubt, due to the pressing national issues they needed more of their attention.
Now the yoke of that burden of responsibility is removed from their necks, they need to assign themselves to oversee the running of the regional and sub-regional departments and to break the chain of corruption and nepotism that have been deep rooted for 29 years. If by appointing  approved and competent officials rather than all sitting in Mekelle, they would ensure that a reinforced Tigrayan unity would take hold and prevent the region to slide into further misery. The people are yearning for justice and good governance. It can be done!!

Haileselassie Girmay (London)

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