I wish I didn’t have kids!


I wish I didn’t have kids!
I feel deeply saddened
I leave my kids behind
Grown up or young
In a world wild
Run by hookers and hypnotist
Only to destabilise
So the kids live in a mist
Musical noise
furphy religious promises
Make up and face lift
Used as devices
To up root them from probity
And lead life gorgonized

I too spent half f my life tricked and fooled
But I was lucky to break the mole
And discover how the world is mold
It is nothing but a silo
Bevels dwell until they turn it hollowed.

I wish I didn’t have kids
To live behind
In the palms of
Preachers of instant reward on hand
By podium sergeants
Make believe miracle merchants
In an infinite exorcise chant
To claim a cat is turned elephant
So when killed there is enough for all to be fat.

Belay Ambelay

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