A nation ran by a clan!


A nation ran by a clan!

If all are one,
One is all
In unison
As an inviolable notion
Not only the petals without the calyx
But a flower pack
Back to back
Not a spleen woithout the Alvine
But digestive organs combined,
Integrally designed—
Hand in hand set to run as paned —
So their preordained mission to be done.

Not the size nor the number figure
Large or small
They all play crucial roles
As integral parts
For the what-do-you-call-it even keel,

They do not need SOLUTIZER
Nor do they tolerate
External forces to manipulate

So will also a nation
Worth of a mention.

If however it goes on to favour a single element,
Undermining the other components,
The nation it will fall apart;
Such is the case
Of imperial apartheid.

If you are passionate
Sincerely believe in alligated,
Agnatic and/or
maternal cognates:—
A country with a blood blend —
There is one thing you need to take to-heart:
A country is not an abstract,
It is its people and the whole ambient.

If you then deny the basic tenets kickstart,
And connive to erect
A sing clan as the main altar;
Whilst the rest kept as obumbrated parts:
Un-enlightened and starved —
And masquerade as
Prosopopoeia Paladin.

You are a charlatan,
A harlequin in league,
a messiah in sheepskin. thin,
with hidden intrigues
Barking the wrong tree
To confuse and bemuse
Gallivant myrmidons
On the back of one-eyed horse.

Come the end
you too will be downed
Impaled by the very harpoon.
You deployed victims to wound.

Belay Ambelay

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