The marvel and downfall of the Mobile!


The marvel and downfall of the Mobile!
I was born when there was no telephone.
Then when I was a child there appeared a telephone office with handle-wheel the operator had to spin and spin till his/her arm muscles got sore.

It took the whole day to make contact with a person about 300 miles away.
It would have been much easier to travel to the place rather than make a call; which was groggy, not clear toned and interrupted.

Then some 50 years latter the mobile-phone appeared but the first mobile gadget was as big as a microwave and one wondered why people would carry a cooker on their shoulders when they could prepare the food they wish to eat at home; rather than go around and display this silly gadget!

30 years later the mobile became small and sophisticated .

Eventually not only interacted but could do the cooking as well, surprise surprise!

Now everyone: young and old, even babies have it. Babies could play their toys, draw images, sing and record and lots more. No more a dog or a friend is needed to company.
They walk not without it on hand all the time.
They sleep with the mobile next to bed.

I remember 30 years ago a lady sat in restaurant in comfort giggling and smiling,
With her eyes wide opened.

Little did people know she had an earphone plucked to her left ear.

As she sat fidgeting she uttered loud and clear: “You can come, sit next to me and eat”.

A man who was seated few tables away heard her saying and jumped from his table
And sat next to her smiling!

“What do you think you are doing?”
Said the lady angrily!

“Well, didn’t you invited me to sit next you?” Said the man.

“No, I was talking to my boyfriend on the phone”, retorted the woman.

Well, now the marvel of the mobile has turned from communication to miscommunication; from disseminating information to disinformation, from reality to Facebook phantasy. There you have it. What next? Betroth and take Communion with your best friend: the smart mobile phone! And who are the paranymphs: – ፋኖ/Fano mania totting guns and firing live munitions in weddings!

Temesgn Kebede

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