Oromia Support Group (REPORT 66 4 July 2024)


Oromia Support Group (REPORT 66 4 July 2024)

Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia

Dialogue or disintegration?
Promises by Ethiopian Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed of a genuine commitment to national dialogue and a programme of transitional justice are no more realistic than his forecast last year that Ethiopia would be exporting surplus grain to more needy countries by now.1
His grandiose plans for an upsurge in Ethiopia’s economy by foreign-backed investment in property development,2 his new Shaggar city,3 and special economic zones for trade and industry (p.32) are built on wishful thinking, except for vanity projects such as his new $10-15 billion palace, bankrolled by the United Arab Emirates.
Ethiopia’s dependency on the Emirates, as the UAE jockeys for regional dominance with Saudi Arabia, risks increasing confrontation between Somaliland, UAE, Rapid Support Forces in Sudan and Ethiopia on one side and Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Eritrea, Somalia and Sudanese Armed Forces, on the other – the makings of a regional proxy war.4

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