Strategic Framework for Supporting IDPs and Ensuring Compliance with International Law in Tigray


Strategic Framework for Supporting IDPs and Ensuring Compliance with International Law in Tigray

Legal Framework and Respect for International Law

The Ethiopian Defense Forces (ENDF) and Amhara militants who have committed crimes in the Tigray region must withdraw from the Tigray regional state to uphold international law and the status quo ante. Those responsible for acts of genocide must respect the Pretoria Agreement, which mandates the cessation of hostilities and the protection of human rights in the region.

Urgent Tasks and Strategic Actions

Dear All,

The return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their ancestral lands in West Tigray is a positive development. However, we in the diaspora must work diligently to support the leadership in Tigray, including both the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Tigray Interim Administration (TIA). The following urgent tasks are critical:

1. **Appeal for Financial and Humanitarian Aid**: Support and encourage the TIA to send letters of appeal to international donors and humanitarian organizations to secure financial and humanitarian aid necessary for the safe return and resettlement of IDPs.

2. **Monitoring the Return and Safety of IDPs**: Advocate for international organizations to closely monitor the return and ensure the safety of IDPs as they resettle in West Tigray. This includes ensuring that their basic needs and rights are met.

3. **Human Rights Monitoring**: Urge international human rights organizations to monitor the activities of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) in West and South Tigray. Given the ENDF’s involvement in the genocide, it is imperative that their actions are scrutinized to prevent further human rights violations.

4. **Documentation and Recommendations**: Encourage international human rights organizations to document both ongoing and past acts of genocide in West and South Tigray. These organizations should also make recommendations for the evacuation or withdrawal of the ENDF from Tigray, limiting their deployment to the Amhara-Tigray border.

5. **Appeal for Medical Supplies**: Make a direct appeal to the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO) for medical supplies. These supplies are crucial for the IDPs, especially as they return to malaria-infested areas in West Tigray.

6. **Monitoring by the US Government**: Request the US Government to use satellite imagery to monitor the activities of the Ethiopian Defense Forces in West and South Tigray. This will help prevent further crimes of ethnic cleansing and ensure accountability.

Call to Tigray Leadership

Lastly, it is imperative that the Tigray leadership awakens from its current state of political disarray. The leaders must set aside their differences and work cohesively to ensure the successful return of the IDPs to their ancestral lands. Securing the territorial integrity of Tigray and protecting its people should be their foremost priority.

In conclusion, the collaborative effort of the diaspora, international organizations, and Tigray’s leadership is essential to address the immediate needs of the IDPs and to restore peace and stability in Tigray.
Bruk London

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