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Eskinder Nega, Ethiopian Balderas for the Genuine Democracy Party leader who called for Extermination of Tigrayan forces is also a publicized Nazi sympathizer, Holocaust apologist


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 Ethiopian Opposition leader who called for Extermination of Tigrayan forces is also a publicized Nazi sympathizer, Holocaust apologist
Balders leadership in the press briefing on Thursday [credit- Ethiopia Insider]

By Goitom A.(Dr.)

Eskinder Nega, founder and Chairman of Balderas for the Genuine Democracy Party (Balderas) said “The federal government should go as far as it can to exterminate TPLF”, in a press briefing his party held on Thursday, January 13, 2022.

“The TPLF still has the military capacity that threatens the nation’s integrity. First, the Tigray army that is fighting has to be destroyed. This army which is equipped with heavy weaponry must be destroyed”, Eskinder said.

“If the government wants to negotiate with the group that wants to destabilize Ethiopia, then they must respect the majority opinions of the people” affirmed Eskinder.

Eskinder also criticized the release of retired former TPLF politicians who were freed on the same day as him and his comrades.

“The discontinuation of their charges defies the rule of law,” Eskidner said.

The opposition figure was detained in mid-2020 after protests that followed the killing of a popular Oromo singer Hachalu Hundessa.

Eskinder Nega- Nazi sympathizer and Holocaust apologist

Eskinder is one of the most controversial figures in Ethiopian politics. He joined Ethiopian politics in the 1990s with three newspapers that he owned, managed, and edited – Menelik, Satenaw, and Askaul.

He used his writing to promote hate against Tigrayans and preach complete obliteration of Tigrayans. His newspapers openly called for genocide against Tigrayans, arguing that what the Nazis did against the Jews during the second world war was justified. Eskinder has on multiple occasions openly showed his admiration for Adolf Hitler.

According to historical accounts, out of the 9 million Jews that were living in Europe prior to the war, 6 million of them were butchered by Hitler by all sorts of vile means. One million were children, two million were women and three million were men.

Eskinder Nega and contributors to his Asqual equate the Tigrians to the Jews and invariably describe them as ‘cancers’, ‘racists’ and ‘bandas’, ‘weeds’, e.t.c., and openly call for their elimination from the face of Ethiopia.

One of Eskinder’s Asqual’s May 2004 excerpts [translated] read:

We, Habesha people, didn’t learn from the Germans. We couldn’t even preserve the history of our fathers. We are humiliated. Indeed, very humiliated. We should have acted with determination to eliminate racists and traitors from the face of Ethiopia. If we lacked the courage to do that, we should have at least preserved our territorial integrity and sovereignty. But we didn’t. History recorded this as a bad failure. [Askual newspaper May 2004]

Eskinder, in a column series”Get Lost Judas” that became his Askual newspaper’s distinguishing brand, praised the Nazis for what they did on the Jewish people (the Holocaust), and suggested that it be repeated in Ethiopia on Tigrayans. The column series run almost uninterruptedly from 2001 to 2004.

Eskinder’s May 1, 2004 Asqual publication under the “Get Lost Judas” column series [translated extract] read:

The Germans stood up resolutely. Their struggle continued. The Jewish were captured in-masse and deported to concentration camps. Especially, male Jews between the age of 16 and 60 were targeted. The Jewish were spitted on. Their face was disfigured with mud. The Germans were furious. The Jews were degraded. The Germans crusade against the Jewish. They are hoping that the Versailles Treaty, which German was forced to sign at the end of WWI, will be scrapped under Nazi leadership. They are positive that unemployment will end. Especially, Adolf Hitler is seen as God-sent for Germany’s Renaissance. Given the existing reality, millions are convinced that there was no better leader than Adolf Hitler. Thus, they followed him. We find it suited to quote what Goebbels said to express his admiration of Adolf Hitler. We shan’t forget the sentiment was shared by most Germans. (6th Paragraph)

This same Newspaper, which is owned, edited, and managed by Eskinder Nega, in its May 8 “Get Lost Judas” column, read [starting from Paragraph 3):

“In the Munich court, you grew before us to the greatness of the Fuehrer. What you said are the greatest words spoken in Germany since Bismarck. You expressed more than your own pain . . . you named the need of a whole generation, searching in confused longing for men and task. What you said is the catechism of the new political belief, born out of the despair of a collapsing, Godless world . . . We thank you. One day, Germany will thank you . . .” (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William L. Shire,Fawcett publication, in Greenwitch, conn. 1960. P. 181)

The principle of administration prescribes a country shall equally serve as a geographic residence of all citizens. Heterogeneity is not a problem by itself. However, there won’t be peace in a country where a cancer tribe or community exists. The majority will be sacrificed for the prosperity of the minority. The current situation of Ethiopia is a good example.

Today, several millions have paid all the sacrifices required of us for the comfort and luxury of a minority tribe. In Ethiopia, where equality is absent, ‘slavery’ has taken the meaning of ‘equality’. In the 21st century, we have returned to the ancient tribal system. We have lost countless people in a meaningless war, on Badme and related battlefields, for the sake of one very small tribe……Human sacrifice has become a necessity for the honor of the ruling tribe. The majority has been sacrificed for the greatness of the ruling tribe. Ethnic politics eats ethnic groups. Whose turn will be tomorrow? We should note that the Gambella massacre is today a talking point of the global community. Let’s not forget ethnic politics is the cause of all the political, economic, and social problems of Ethiopia. A talk of peace would be a meaningless play with words in a country where a cancer tribe or community exists. The minority becomes economically rich and holders of political power. Traitors will steer the honest. Citizenship becomes meaningless.

The German people rose with determination during a political, economic, and social crisis similar to current Ethiopia. It was a public agenda. And, the public had to address it in action. The rage on Jews continued to be translated in action.

The May 15 publication is even more terrifying. Asqual [Eskinder] presents the Holocaust as a “most justified action” that should be replicated in Ethiopia too. Eskinder’s Asqual calls everyone to follow Nazi’s example, and exterminate ethnic Tigrayans in Ethiopia.

Here is the translated excerpt:

Patience is not alpha and omega. It has a starting and an endpoint. A human being cannot go beyond his biological nature. That requires divinity. No one has the right or the mandate to intervene. Yes, we are correct. The German people have stood resolutely. Who can hold them back? By whom can they be stopped? The German people have realized a poisonous tribe or a scheming community is cancer to a country. They have taken a solid position not to give a fraction of a faction minute to the Jewish. From now on, the economic superiority of the minority in Germany will cease. Every German will hold its legal citizenry share from the national economy. The majority shall no more be bystanders! The majority shall win! It has become necessary for the Jewish to hate the day they were born. No one is more powerful than the majority. It is hoped that swift action will deliver victory. The destruction of synagogues has escalated. Let’s quote what was recorded on Nov. 10, 1938.

This is an achievement of the German’s struggle. The bees are stirred. The tigers are on the move. The bee knows what to do when its hive is messed with. The German lion is angered. It is on fire. It has no patience to tolerate the Jewish anymore. What about us, Ethiopians? How long are we to tolerate the Judas? When will we stop petitioning to serve as underlings of our Judae rulers? How long will we be ruled by the enemy of the country and the people? How long will we buy goods from their businesses? How long shall Ethiopia continue pouring honey and milk for our ruler and their people? Why is our slavery limitless? Why don’t we understand that we are waiting for our death, though already as good as dead? Get closer and listen to them. You will listen to our rulers’ people discussing which model of heavy truck to buy, while you and your friends talk about a warning letter from the servants of our rulers for failing to pay utility fee on time………..

Our rulers bring excuses to lengthen their time. Judas havenever lost an excuse. Show them your manhood in action. In what way are you unfit to rule them that they are ruling you instead? How come Bandas are on the terrace, with a crown, looking down at you? Learn passion from the Germans. Learn unity from the Germans. Learn determination from the Germans. It is possible to change the status quo in Ethiopia. Let’s resolve not to live tolerating racists. Let’s have a gut. Let’s be smart. Let’s have the determination to halt the political and economic privileges of traitors. Let’s notice the lack of national feeling is what killed us. Let’s stand by firing a national feeling amongst us. No one can stop people who lost patienceThe fervent German people shall be cited, as it is an exemplary one. Let’s quote in the original language:

The German people have achieved a miracle. It held the Jewish accountable for the evils that befell every aspect of German life. People have the right to go in any direction it believes in. Who can hold it liable? The German people’s experience proves the need for popular participation to eliminate a tribe or community in a country. Like it or not, ethnic cleansing is carried out with popular participation. It is a lie to attribute an act of genocide to a single party or group, leaving the people alone. That would be covering up the truth. A genocide campaign always essentially represents the stand of the people. In any country, a cancer race, tribe or community shall be exterminated. It shall be done whenever it is necessary for the preservation of a country.

Eskinder’s flagship, “Get Lost Judas”, on its June 22, 2004 series solidified its support for Holocaust. The series strongly suggested that Tigrayans (who according to the author are “cancers”) should be exterminated the way the Nazis did to the Jewish people.

Below is the translated extract: [Starting at the second paragraph]

The Ethiopian people were not furious enough to take action against the secessionist and secession enablers. We can repeat it again and again. Eradicating a race, tribe or community needs the blessing of a furious people. The beginning and end of the action go along with the popular wish. But, the Ethiopian people didn’t have the conscience to take irreversible action against traitors. A people that choose to eat and die on their beds can only think of day-to-day life. Thus, the Ethiopian people failed to wipe out traitors, secessionists, and secession enablers. History will hold us responsible.

Our rulers have lied. Dergue didn’t have a genocidal mission on our ruler’s people. Of course, we real Ethiopians do not deny that is a sacred mission. Our mind immediately grasps its merit for our unity and sovereignty. Who cares about a soul whom history knows only for its crimes? Saving Ethiopia comes first. But this didn’t happen. Our useless armed forces went became trashes of history after running our history. The Ethiopian people wasted a golden period of history. How can eradicating the chaff be contemplated without public participation? A race, tribe, or community that is cancer for national unity, sovereignty, and existence shall be eradicated! The chaff shall be removed.

The Germans changed the course of history according to their wishes. They took decisive action against the Jew. Public work was performed by the people themselves. The people make history. The people make miracles. The German people have marched in fury. It has taken a concrete stance that the Jew shall be eradicated. The German people intensified their destruction of Synagogues and properties of the Jew. Heroism is witnessed wherever there is a hero. The German has stood resolutely. A brave translates his wishes into action.

Is it the case that being ruled has become part of biological nature? We are standing among nations with a stature unfit for a people. We only think of and die for our belly. Several tribes have become tools of a single tribe? Did we learn from history? The German fury has been observed. A concrete action of the Germans rather than mere chatter has been recorded. We don’t talk without historical references. Thus, we shall cite the following as an example.



There cannot be peace in a country with a cancer race, tribe, or community. Economic development becomes localized rather than national. Minorities ride the majority through bribery. Poverty becomes rampant. Unemployment rate increases. The few suffer from obesity, while the people starve. The country becomes an epicenter of suffering.

The situation in Ethiopia is a demonstration. The traitors, who have been the cancers of this country for centuries are now amassing our national resources. The Bandas, who have always been bleeding our country in cooperation with foreigners, are now in charge of our national treasury. The Jewish community’s economic prosperity was irreversibly demolished by the heroism of the Germans. How can the mountain of our traitor rulers’ tribal prosperity be flattened? We shall not allow the Baandas, who came disguising as Ethiopians to solve their economic problems, to continue comfortably sitting on our neck with a Cesarean power.

Let’s start thinking, as we are human beings. Our rulers are very secretive from the country and the people. No one, except Satan, can know their moves. Their servants do not grasp the hidden agenda of their masters except filling their bellies with leftovers. A cancer race, tribe or community shall not live in this country. We are human beings, let think like one. We are lacking the aptitude to distinguish allies from enemies.

Nothing can succeed without popular mobilization. Several millions of Germans took part to demolish the economic base of the Jewish. We cowardly chose not even to question our rulers as they climb to great economic height in this poor county. To the contrary, one hundred thousand Germans directly participated in removing the Jewish and other anti-German forces. This is a historical irony.

All the above writings [which are only the tip of the iceberg] clearly show Eskidner to be a Nazi sympathizer, who argues that the ‘Holocaust was a justified, heroic action’ by the Nazis.

His writings also show his immense urge to replicate Nazi Holocaust in Ethiopia on Tigrayans.

It takes great moral decadence to categorize 8-11 million Tigrians as ‘cancer tribe’ ‘bandas’ ‘traitors’ ‘racists’ ‘ exploitative tribe’; that is what his writings say.

His statement on Thursday shows that, even after having served years of jail time, he still is the same hateful person with an unimaginable sense of vengeance. All he can think about is ‘exterminating Tigrayans in the entirety’ to achieve his political agenda.

Translation of the materials was made by Horn Affairs [The links here-1, 2, 3, 4]

Featured Image: Balders leadership in the press briefing on Thursday [credit- Ethiopia Insider]


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