The Devil’s company 


It is indeed heart-breaking to see so closely the day-by-day destruction in Ukraine especially when it was unprovoked by a larger bully who only wants to grab the land. But equally as heart-breaking is that this same devastation happened in Tigray, savagely attacked by Amhara and Eritrean armies AND THE WORLD STOOD BY! Again, it was a bully who unprovoked attacked the civilian population in order to humiliate them and steal their land. Let us not forget!!

They turned a blind eye, yet we were, and still are, fighting for our lives. They did not care, perhaps they thought we do not deserve their attention let alone their assets and lives to put upfront to save us instead. They gullibly accepted all sorts of excuses our adversaries came up with to tolerate the intolerable carnage foisted on us. Maybe they still think, as they did in a century past, that we do not deserve respect and human rights protection as they may think we do not qualify.
Now that the same danger is knocking at their back yards, they leave no stone unturned to condemn the aggressors and collaborators.
They are taken by surprise that such brutality has to revisit their quarters after 78 years of peace time. They thought this was consigned to the history books.
But the writing was on the wall when four nations coordinated to move modern banned weapons purchased by the Arab Emirates, through Ukraine to be operated by Turkish officers against Tigray.
The West not only failed to help but admonished Tigrayans to defend themselves against land grabbing imperial aggressors.
Self-defence which is enshrined in the American and European constitution became a curse when the Tigrayans attempt to exercise its use.

Other foreign mercenaries were busy as well flying in UAE’s planes carrying armaments and drones to subjugate and humiliate Tigrayans. And the world could not bother if and indeed Tigrayan blood split dousing the soil.

Now they are in deep shock that an European country considered a safe haven could not even escape the wrath of imperial Russian attacked to claim land from Ukraine, an atavistic ambition ingrained in the psychic in the same manner the Amharas have wanting to claim land from Tigray.

Those who are able to foresee events evolving and prepare in advance and judge right from wrong would be able to defend themselves both intellectually/morally/spiritually when things evolve but would also be on the right side of justice and stand tall in the face of all the odds, as Tigray did, Ukrainian following suit. It is just the opposite atavistic move, wronged people would inherit to fight to countervail evil.

How could any sensible person, an Organization or a public institution fail to see that Isaias Aferworki of Eritrea and Abiy Ahmed from Ethiopia are any different to the monster mobster who  backed aggression of Ukraine by Russia only to justify their own aggression of Tigray?
The world has to yet learn that appeasement never helps a right cause, it only makes things worse and prolonged.

Like a djinni in closet it comes back to haunt but embarrassed to tell they are in a Devi’s company.

By Belay Ambelay


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