Victim Blaming – Astroturfing!


(By Belay Ambelay) –

Too often in Ethiopian society, victims of violence and oppression are taught to blame themselves. This cultural phenomenon has a term: victim-blaming.

Ethiopia and many other countries, The likes of Russia, China, India, and some now, mercy to God, put to rest (Yugoslavia) were formed by bruit forces. Such a way of curving nations and claiming as a unified whole was not surprisingly shocking to the world we live in. The other that have come into being simply watched in silence as they did not have the means or resources to resist or protest.

Once’s nations like Ethiopia were formed by a bruit force, had their creators had a vision, they could have had ruled in fairness, just and isopolity thereafter that eventually might have led to reconciliation and forgiveness.

But these were not to be. A snake can’t cast away his venomous fangs and turn to a pigeon, nor a devil turn a saint. It is not in their genetics to perform such a transition.

To do so may be seen by the oppressors as giving a chance to the oppressed and ruled to rise up and challenge their authority.

The reason being, first the oppressors always deny they have nothing to do with problem the country is in. The second reason for transcendental not happening, to keeping the oppressed in the dark and trampled, is simply an extension of the genetic psychic of the oppressor. The oppressor doesn’t know any other way of treating the subjects under his or her rule but keeping oppressed, come what May.

As a result and as time progresses the situation becomes worse and out of control as we have in Ethiopia today. The country is going downhill and no one is able to stop it. The oppressors have a perverse view of the situation they created themselves.

They point their fingers at others, mainly the oppressed, as the main causes of the adverse situation, the oppressed and oppressors are in. They are happy to sing the anthem of national flag, and declare as one, in as long as oneness means that you have shedded your sue generis and wholeheartedly endorsed theirs.

They advocate entitlement and safeguarding of inalienable rights by the oppressed are wrong and anathemas a peaceful and unified coexistence. For the oppressor, the oppressed need to shed their identities and manifestations of their identities and accept that of the oppressors and live happily after. The effects of oppression, that is downward sliding and disintegration are denied. Chaos and disintegration are portrayed as products of entitlements if inalienable rights.

For an obvious reasons, that is self preservation as oppressors, they would never admit and accept the true causes of turbulent situations, oppressed and oppressors can never sit together and bring solutions. This is a case of Round Robin. Oppression leads to instability, instability leads to violence until the circle is broken.


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