‘In Ethiopia, a campaign of ethnic cleansing marked by atrocities is pursued in Tigray’


(Source: Lemonde) –

While the Ethiopian government strives to hide the disaster resulting from its war ofextermination in Tigray, a group of researchers deplores the international community’sindifference.

By Group letter

Published on July 22, 2022 at 10h41, updated at 10h41 on July 22, 2022

On July 1, Arte broadcast an exceptional report entitled Ethiopia: Tigray Humanitarian Crisis. This is thefirst documentary made in over a year by independent journalists in Tigray. It says and clearlydemonstrates that this famine is the product of a war where the goal of Tigray’s opponents isannihilation. Unable to defeat the region militarily, they have laid siege to it, cutting Tigray off fromthe world in order to erase it from public consciousness, in Ethiopia as elsewhere. And this situationhas continued for a year. The report shows the result: famine, disease and death. The victims whotestify are without hope. The doctors and people in charge of helping the poorest people, the first to beaffected by the famine, express a terrible feeling of powerlessness and abandonment by theinternational community.

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