Amharas, stop fooling yourselves!


(By Belay Ambelay) –

For over 200 years they ruled with absolute power and might, no one had a chance to utter the slightest dissent. Now they have become wolves in sheeps’ wool and cry wolf over ‘a lack of democracy’ when democracy was the last thing they were bothered about when they were at the helm and controlling the destiny of the ruled. The autocratic emperor the Amhara imposed on the country had the audacity to claim that he was a divine descendant and enthroned by God, so no living soul ought not question the authority he had been blessed to exercise.

With so much divinity sent to rule by God, the diminutive/gnome, shuffling, unscrupulous snollygoster plagued the subjects he ruled with diseases, ignorance and poverty, leaving them to lead precarious, unpredictable lives no better than the arboreal baboons.

Apologists of the monarch tried as they might to convince the public that the Amhara peasants had lives no better than those nationalities, kept the feet. This is just like saying; the white colonial masters were and still are as oppressive to the white working class as they were and still are to their colonies. It is as if the Amharas, as in the white working class racists, are not willing to submit their services to support their masters by physically and psychologically undermining trodden subjects.

A case in point, when and if an Amhara beggar approaches say a Tigrayan or Oromo to ask for money and when the beggar is given little change, the beggar will retort that the offer was picayune it would buy him a plate of food. If the person declines to give more, the Amhara beggar throw insults back, saying the alms giver is a wretched lice-ridden Tigre and/or pagan Gala! This is in the mind, but in real life, who do you think the Amhara ruling class put on the line to defend their system they have put in place to rule and subjugate – the Amhara so called peasants. That way too they have a job others are denied access to. Besides, the ruling class opened access and provided the opportunities it can offer, but what it does not give or offer is the consequence of their lack of knowledge and inept skills and management. It is not because they did not like to give their own ethnic group (Amhara) a head start. It is not!

They also now complain of abiding constitution that grants rights of nations and nationalists and seeks its destruction, taking the country back to the feudal ages where there was no constitution whatsoever to abide let alone that gives the rights to self govern.

A slave sold and purchased on a day of shavoo and festivities, too much to eat, drink and dance so began to believe that everyday is a festive day and so she felt being a slave was after all a good thing that happened to her. ብፋሲጋ ዝተሽየጠት ባርያ ኹሉሳዕ ፋሲጋ ይመስላ

For centuries the Amharas were able to get away with cruelty and barbarity and now when the burden of their savagery could no longer be tolerated, they keep telling us to shut our eyes and be led. Time is up for your own sake wake before you are rudely told and forced to act.

Stop talking about democracy, fairness and the rule of law. You never had and you never will practice these concepts that are alien to your being. If you were to have it your own way, you were, and still are, prepared to wipe out entire ethnic group(s) to restore your domination. And this in the name of change and progress, when change and progress are the antithesis to your genetic blood. Fool no one but yourselves, you, you.. scumbags!!


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