The Amhara professor or should I say prosecutor said it all!


(By Belay Ambelay) –

Opening sentence, I quote; “What doesn’t kill you makes you strong”, the Professor stated. But this is a false synthesis or reverse paralogism. Any damage health wise or an injury, financial loss or relation does not make anyone strong. This is Amhara’ way of perverse logic infused in all aspect of their way of life. No one on earth would wish to have misfortune befallen on him or her out of own violation so to come out strong – an infantile stretch of imagination as an extension of ፉከራ in the realm of thought as if it is not bad enough in the physical world.

All over the world nations and nationalities at least pretend that they live together harmoniously; they respect each other and their values for a common cause.

In Ethiopia it is the other way round. The Amharas are a tribe chosen by God. Their language and culture are superior and god given that all other nationalities need to observe and adopt them as their own. The rest of us are like kettles and cattle to serve Amhara needs. Even if we do what we are told, it is not good enough because we have no Amhara blood to show.
Ethiopia is only in name. It is because the Amharas did not know any better, as they were not the masters in any field to come up with any thing unique. Even the name Amhara is given to them by others, namely the Tigreghna speakers. But they would not admit to their vacuous nature. That being the Amharas see Ethiopia as their exclusive own, except for its foreign name (Ethiopia) once, unfortunately they ascended to power as they did some centuries back in history. They tried and succeeded to expand and takeover other people’s land and maintained it to this very day ruthlessly. They transformed the area under occupation as if it is their own, forced the people to abandon their culture, language and psychological make ups and adopt that if Amhara. If they didn’t they would be punished with their lives. Those whose survived the burden of not being their own selves, they were and are enslaved and sold
Who would want to be a neighbour with such people let alone to live under the same roof or under the porch they exclusively own and controlled?

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