Alert, Alert looming Danger to Avert! Merchants of Blood and Flesh!


[By Belay Ambelay]

In Black and white colours what is a government; what are its aims and purpose it wants to achieve when it takes over the office?

It is to look after the welfare of the people and protects them from the threats of external enemies.
The government of Ethiopia does none of these things.

When reminded that Eritrean forces are marauding and plundering in the sovereign Northern Tigray. Wilfully the government denies the presence of Eritreans and retorts back if people feel that the Eritreans are still unlawfully holding lands “Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water ought to report to the governement for it to investigate and take steps to resolve the case.

Put in office entrusted, paid from the coffer funded by the people to defending the land, Central kernel of its duty is referred back as a duty of herders walking around to do the job of finding out the country is indeed invaded. Are the people put in office Ethiopians or Eritrean in disguise?

This is a backstage act the Ethiopian government would like to perform but on the international stage the Abiy government is not only denying Eritrean occupation in Tigray, but they also claim that Eritrea is within the territories that the Algiers agreement had rewarded Firstly, it’s important to note that the Algiers agreement was considered null and void because it unilaterally halted and expelled the activities of the international community. Secondly, the border commission’s decision is meant to be implemented through delimitation, and no party is expected to claim territory by force.

On a different note: Instead of mitigating tensions and conflict among citizens, the current Ethiopian government restlessly device ways and means to to intensify and widen tensions and conflict as a way of promoting its intentions. Goining further, one can even assume that the conflicts and tensions were deliberately planted so as to weaken and crash both Tigrai and Amhara forces by intent.

When the government has failed quelling the Amhara insurgents, it is now looking another force they would clash with and weaken.

Likewise the Oromo people are spuriously fed false vision of asserting power at the back of crashed Tigrain and Amhara forced. The Oromos have legitimate rights to assume ownership of the fate. But it won’t be at the expenses of other nations and nationalities. They don’t need unnecessary BRUMMAGEM and CONTRIVANCE to undermine others for them to claim their sovereign rights and be taken as fools for a ride. The government of the day has no vested and genuine interests of the Oromo, Amhara nor Tigray. The three nations are seen as obstacles to a grandeur Elysian Prosperity Gospel. No more no less!

If all are aware of the devil playing its cards to cause havoc and stay away from the plots put in place, all can mitigate their burden if their payloads, so not obstructed to achieve their goals.
The last thing all needed is be aware of the thaumaturgy of a marplot and obviate its damaging effects.

The Ethiopian government’s failure to protect its citizens from external threats, particularly the presence of Eritrean forces in Northern Tigray is mind boggling. We would like to highlight the government’s denial of this presence and its shifting of responsibility onto the people.

Additionally, the government of Abiy Ahmed is intentionally exacerbating tensions and conflicts within Ethiopia to further its own agenda. We call for awareness of these manipulative tactics by all Ethiopians, particularly the Amhara and Tigrayan population and emphasizes the importance of avoiding the damaging consequences.
Last but not least, why are the rumour mill and grapevine on overdrive that Western and Southern Tigray are contrastable (perceived by n the mind of brigands still wanting to grab land more and) needed to be looked at and revised disregarding the Federal Constitution, worse some even say the constitution needed to be discarded and replaced?

There are more diverse people in Amhara Gojjam, Begemider and Wello than there are in Tigray, Somaliland and Oromia. If the Constitution has shortcomings addressing nationalities issues, it would be in Amhara region followed by others.
Some people’s hate for Tigray is so blinding they forget what they advocate thinking it would hurt Tigray would boomrage and hit back in the face to their dimes. Let us not forget The people Bete Israel were wholly and egregiously sold out for millions of dollars not any one including the recipients of the modern slaves care about their rights and welfare but to use them as cannon fodders in its war against the Palestinians . For the so called Ethiopian elites their evocation was double-edged. Make money from people they had no regards; and grabbing and takeover the land once’s the ቤተእራኤል were gone for good.

The Constitutional change would not, even if it can, and I don’t think it will, affect Tigray demography but the very people who advocate in the first place. Think before you speak wise people say; which nation would fall to pieces; a nation put together by colonial and expansionist Machiavellian means or a nation fragmented and oppressed now striving to resurrect?


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