Look No Where!


(By Yared Huluf) –

I hate myself to find
As a member of a species ill-defined
This wallowing torpid grub
Self consuming parasite, biped;
The worst enemy of own kind!

It is not loup Garou, lycanthrope,
Nor a fire spitting dragon in flight,
An earthquake, diluvial-rain or phlegethon, God sent
That would bring man to an end.

It is an adducation of war,
Inflicted upon
He has failed to break clean,
Built in his genes!

It is not a pandemic of a notorious virus,
man has ever faced since,
Be it Black-death, Covid or Justinian plague;
That led piles of bodies strewn
Across the streets,
No one would touch to lower
To the grave to rest.
It is in his genes a cell to duplicate
Turned cancer mankind to degrade,
The worst enemy come to contemplate.

A stinking rich king;
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed
A case in point.
No amount of money,
He had in his possession
Could save him from his genes’ passion,
To crush his vision.

A dictator wallowing in a blood pool,
Oblivious he would be next, in-to be pulled;
Into a cancer’s hide and seek puzzle!

A divine monarch;
A dictator;
A smarmy political actor;
None would escape the cruel rule of nature!

Inside every living kind
Is a poltergeist
Rearing to strike,
The very life it nurtures to heist.


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