Intellectual Dilemma: What to do with the professors?


(By Temesgn Kebede) –

In response to the article linked below.

Amhara with an average intelligence Were encouraged and pushed on to acquire formal education more than they were able to do so and be accredited with certification.

They are too happy to flag and gasconade; as ‘gens du monde’, when they are not!

A travesty of Amhara imperial rule

Many sui generis talented ethnic youth, from Tigray, Oromo, Benshagul, Gambella, etc were denied access to pursue.

Denying their potential skills to be put to good use, whilst the Amhara turned out to be an embarrassment for their race as they tried in vain to prove their expertise in tackling issues their brains had little appetite to deal with.

In more often than not they themselves display this shallowness when posting in every article they wrote their less appealing photos. One wonders what they hope they would get out of it!

Why would a so called educated person try to make a logical conclusion when that person has not accurately postulated and put the premises? A conclusion from a premises is not by and large a bonafide outcome; it is a learned conclusion, it could be the right outcome or it may not be. Even when one has applied and deployed the accurate premise to draw on! Deliberately using a false premise you would then draw an incorrect paralogism/conclusion.

I say this is a pseudo professor just as his name suggests, Messay Kebed as with his other body doubles, the likes of Aklog and Al Mariam, falsely claim the Ethiopian army is victorious by kicking out the Tigryans from Wello, Shewa and Afar ‘back to their wretched arid land and ultimately liquidate by siege’.

A distorted premises no doubt leading to disappointing paralogism.

The Ethiopian army, with its foreign paid forces from Eritrea and Somalia and armed with a modern high-tech arsenal, such as Drones and tanks from the Arab Emirates, was driven out from Tigray and chased all the way to Debreberhan, 130 km close to Addis Ababa.

They keep feeding false information to their captive followers, because like father, like son they all live in a make-believe world, Pollyanna until their bubble bursts. And it will be sooner than they realise. The only accurate information they provide is their photos and of course with a distorted assumption that they are the darling everyone wishes to hug.

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