An urgent appeal from the People of Tigray

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In defiance of worldwide appeal for peace, Abiy Ahmed Ali is starting his final offensive.

Dear World Leaders,  

Unperturbed by the call of the peace-loving people of the world for a final solution to the ongoing crisis of Ethiopia, Abiy and his ilk’s, have decided to resolve it by war. Abiy Ahmed Ali is laughing at people who expected peace negotiations. Abiy Ahmed the mad Mullah of Ethiopia, and his national and international accomplices, have been preparing for a final onslaught on the people of Tigray who were deliberately starved and emaciated for this occasion. This morning, 24/08/2022 at 5am local time the Abiy regime has launched an offensive on Tigray Regional Statepositions in the Southern front. After week-long provocation using Amhara Special Force divisions, Amhara militia from all over the region and beyond as well as Fano from Wollo, the Southern and Sixth Command of the regime has Joined the fray by launching a large-scale offensive. The Tigray Défense Forces are heroically defending their positions. The regime’s well-orchestratedcampaign the international community has now been revealed for the drama that it has always been.

Dear World Leaders

The two-year-old siege on Tigray by the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments in front of the international community’s watchful eye has had the usual deceptive cover-up to subdue the malnourished, population. The whole nation of Tigray is in the worst concentration camp the world has seen. The tactics of isolating the entire population of Tigray in the name of “law and order” to deprive them of water, food, medicine, movement, power supply, telephone and other essentials to maximum effect on weakening the resolve and will of the Tigrayan people. On 15th August 2022, at around 4.00 pm local time, the Ethiopian military bombed Dedebit, Western Tigray, with artillery for over an hour, instigating the war in the region. The Tigray Defence Forces [TDF] were obligated to before the calm storm truce and refrained from responding to the provocative action with discipline. The peace was to be agreed upon by both Tigray and the Ethiopian government through other third-party mediation. However, the respect of Tigray made it known to all concerned international organisations and foreign powers that the Ethiopian Government has violated the truce that had been put in place. Furthermore, it now appears that following this violation of the truce, with no reprisals from the TDF and no adverse consequences to its provocative act, the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments have now opened up several fronts to aggressively undermine and destroy the people of Tigray to steal land, acquisition of territory through brutal force and subjugation.

That said, the people of Tigray have now been left with no option but to defend themselves from such an uncalled-for war of aggression and would hope that peace-loving people of the world would understand our predicament and provide us with the resources and support we desperately need. We have a just cause, an existential threat to our very survival, which is cause humanity should understand well enough to take our side.

Dear World Leaders

The international Community should have clear understanding why the talks has been disrupted by Abiy Ahmed:

  • The Abiy and the Isaias governments do very well realize the crimes they have been accused of on unarmed civilians. The heinous crimes the soldiers of Abiy and Isaias have been accused of have been under investigation by the three UN Commissioners elected asked to investigate. War Crimes & Crime against Humanity. and the immediate solution for these feeble leaders is to show how cowards they are. Their means of escaping from justice is to keep on killing more. Through time they think the crimes committed during their reign will fade away.
  • In the last two years, the ethnic cleansing going on mainly in Western Tigray is beyond comprehension. At least 500,000 were killed in Tigray in the first year six months of aggression of the combined forces of the Federal Government, the Eritrean Government and the Amhara militias and local Amhara bandits known as Fano.
  • In West Tigray alone over two million people are displaced from their communities. Over one hundred and twenty thousand girls and women, including nuns and over 80 years old granny are reported to have been raped and gang raped by Eritrean, Amhara militias and Federal forces.
  • The two tyrants in Eritrea and Ethiopia are contrary to international law and are imposing man-made famine by deliberately depriving the whole Tigrayan population starve to death. For nearly two years schools are closed to stifle society in darkness for years to come.
  • The all-inclusive approach, through war, deprivation, disease, and ignorance is more than enough for any society to perish for good. The strategic plan of Abiy and Isaias has been to do that in front of the international media.
  • The category of crime committed in Tigray is nothing short of genocide. If we are not strong enough to call a spade a spade, who will have the moral and ethical obligation to prevent future tyrants like Abiy and Isaias; Or are we the people of Tigray destined to be the prime example of how governments get rid “their” people from the face of the earth,

Tigray shall prevail!!!

24 August 2022



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