We Shall overcome!


(By Yared Huluf) –

You relentlessly bomb to kill,
Besiege round circle!
Bitter still,
We will never go down to kneel!

You suppress our voice,
starved us to death.
You gather your evil forces to race,
Our ethnic identity to chase and erased,
You left us with no choice,
But the barrel of the gun to raise,
And fire in your face
Burst to pieces your evil case,
You placed and upon us imposed!

We are tired to be slaves,
Beck and call at your service,
No more to be sold,
To Arab households
Abused to the hilt,
Gang raped by family of men, women
Young and old;
In return for mammon and drones!
A schlockmeister
Could live with luck!

You would be surprise to learn,
Stand alone;
Sooner than later,
We will shine:
Turning the ordeal of the phlegethon!


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