(By Temesgn Kebede) –

When do dictators
Understand the rule of law?

When no longer taking a safe paseo,
Motorcades running slow;
When dejected and at all times low,
Caught by a mob raw,
Just before they deliver a fatal blow.
Case in point Muammar Gaddafi
Dragged out of a sluice below,
Run the gauntlet,
Pleading for the respect rule of law, as he saw.

When do dictators admit defeat?
When they mobilise more to fight

And blatherskites that they have the appetites
Drag bamboozles from their nests
And present them on a sliver plate
To run the gauntlet;
To cause a devastating plight,
That would come to light,
If only for the benighted!

No doubt, dictators are ignorants
When they believe they have the divine rights,
To clad a diadem, as the guardian knights,
Self serving spiritual plots,
In flights!
With open hands,
Welcome natural blights,
Such as Covid and a swarm of locust,
As God sent punishments;
A predicament, predicted,
As a divine complement
Ironically to these evil iniquitous,
Operating as messiahs on this planet.

Wicked evils,
Biped Measles
Who execute
Those whom they dine with
On the same table!
Take a few samples
Seare, Abere and Asamenew as examples.

But wait, you have not as yet been able,
To undissembled
What this gnome Abiy is capable:
Inflict the insufferable!
To non suspecting people!
On a dark horse saddle
With two legs straddle
The pommel unrelated to the cantle,
Wider as much as possible
To scoop and guddle!



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