A Question of Sovereignty!


(By Temesgn Kebede) –

Mark my word the only country in the world that sold its land in exchange for weapons and to sabotage its domestic challengers was Ethiopia under Menelik! Talk of sovereign integrity; my foot! The Showan Amharas are taking the mic!

I have no illusion, and you too shouldn’t have either, that a scienter, who consciously opted for an intellectual or physical path to follow, would change course when even he comes to know it is the wrong road to follow.

So, without further ado, I would propose that it is a waste of time to convince such people to change course; in fact it wouldn’t be only wrong but delusional for anyone to entertain the thought.

The only thing that would force such people deliberately engaged in misinforming and misguiding themselves and others is a crushing defeat of the spurious thoughts or physical course of actions. And that is not because they do not any longer believe in that state of mind but there is no way they could manifest, display or implement it. Any time there appears a chance or an opportunity to do so they would revert to their old ways of doing or thinking. So do not fool yourself a change has begotten them for good. No!

Any imperial, feudal rulers would tell you the empire they carved, the flag they hoisted, the imperial culture and language they imposed upon the ruled are inalienable, here to stay forever as sovereign, no persons or nations would dare to interfere with or change.

These barbarians of the dinosaur age keep using “sovereignity” as a threat to frighten others so as to continue their age-old privileges at the expense of the oppressed and subjugated.

The rights of the people living in the defined territories are at the heart of sovereignty. It is not the colour of a flag, imposition of language and culture of one group on another that is sovereign.

How is it possible the Amhara elite using state power inviting a foreign arch enemy to attack Tigray could be explained as a sovereign right to exercise? Sovereign states hold no international right to massacre its citizens nor to import foreign armies to obliterate its citizens ‘for the next hundred years’!

How is it that the so-called Ethiopian government again with active involvement of external age-old enemies the likes of Arabs and Eritrea, besieged Tigray for 700 days and call Tigray part of its sovereign territory? It a not a sovereign right to import enemy armies to fight your battles.

What and who gave the other Ethiopians the ‘sovereign right’ to attack Tigray in the name of territorial integrity or sovereignty?

Who gave the so called Ethiopian military and Amhara forces the sovereign right to kill, rape and abuse Tigrayans?

The Tigrayan peoples’ fundamental human rights are sovereign! To boast Ethiopia is a sovereign state; my foot!

What did Menelik do when he sold the historic part of Tigray to the Italians?

What is Ahmed Abiy doing selling and allowing Arabs and Eritreans to desecrate Tigray? Since when did the Amhara elites know sovereignty and respect?

Sovereignty refers to people and their fundamental rights; it is not in reference to dictators right and left, nor objects like flag and the language imposed against a people’s will!

Stop playing with words, scratching at the surface of imperialism. We are not the idiots you wish we were, far from it. It is those who think they are clever who really are not; in fact they are the opposite.


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