Peace, War and Hypocrisy of “Concern”


Editorial –

The war in Tigray is nearly approaching its second year. The genocidal war crime over Tigray, ethnic cleansing, gang rape, and complete siege deprived Tigray of the necessities of survival. Food and medicine cannot reach the people, and consequently, artificial famine is taking its toll on everyone in Tigray. Essential services, like electric power, telephone, clean water, and banking, have been closed since the fascist Governments of Addis Ababa and Asmara started the war of attrition on tightly closed Tigray 0n November 4, 2020.

Six months ago, the Ethiopian government wanted peace in pretence to buy time to rearrange its defeated army. It bought more weapons and reorganized its soldiers for another attack. Thus, the five months of lul were over when the meeting in Djibouti of representatives of the Ethiopian Government and The Regional government of Tigray started.

Soon after the peace meeting in Djibouti, the third wave of attack on Tigray was initiated on all fronts. One can deduce the Government of Addis Ababa and its collaborators in Eritrea were effectively working for war, and time was of the essence for their survival. Both regimes in Addis and Asmara were losing their cor army heavily in the war, and their mission lacked support from the people who continuously asked for a peaceful resolution. Despite the total media blockage by the Abiy government, somehow, the people were learning about their beloved children from Tigray as being wounded, surrendered, or deceased in the war on Tigray.

The already conscripted soldiers were fed with false information, a week of training, and false promises of education or salary for life in the army. Many young recruits found they were trapped and lost the desire to join the military. Their participation in the war was evident, and they chose to surrender en mass everywhere rather than facing death at an early age.

After effectively losing in the last few weeks of the war, the Eritrean and Ethiopian forces have hastily coordinated their rag-tag soldiers for another offensive from the Eritrean side. The offensive war started on the morning of 20 September 2022 by the joint force of the two rouge regimes of the Horn.

The Government of Tigray: Eritrea and Ethiopia are effectively failed states with disintegrating political and economic institutions. The buyers of Ethiopian economic infrastructures are warned that the country, which was solidly and viable five years ago, is today a divided society with no one capable of bringing it together. The hypocrisy that other governments want a “united Ethiopia” effectively detonates the final hooks that clinched the state for a long time.

The Government of Tigray had been calling for a peaceful resolution of the crisis months before the government of Ethiopia initiated the war of aggression. The twin tyrannical regimes of Abiy and Isaias have been conspiring against Tigray since 2016, as the head of Genbot 7, Andargachew Tsege exposed in an interview in Canada. While Abiy was in ENSA, he was recruiting himself to sell classified information about Ethiopia to international buyers, including Isaias Afewerki was, one of the neighbouring countries’ known henchmen. Col. Abiy Ahmed Ali came to power with the support of those countries that were being fed with classified information about Ethiopia.

Abiy Ahmed usurped power by usual treachery. Since 2018, the military power building continued with the plan of destroying Ethiopia from some of its sponsors.

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