Two years of genocide on Tigray and the blatant denial


In a single day, the soldiers of President Isaias killed 4150 Amhara militias and Fanos recently, who refused to be the canon fodders on the front line. No one wanted to hear or see the carnage despite the call for help.

In the last 50 days since the third phase of the war started, leaked Federal Defense forces data indicates the death toll of the Abiy soldiers was 126,000, while the wounded currently treated in Ethiopia, including in the Millenium Hall, Addis Ababa, is over 72,000. It does not include Amhara Militia, Fano and Eritrean conscripted.

The people of Tigray have been going through hell while the World is dismayed watching Ukrainian War only. The government of Abiy Ali, which came to power with US sponsorship, has chosen to create artificial starvation by depriving the people access to international humanitarian provisions.

The government of Abiy Ali has closed banks, communication systems, transportation, and medical facilities so to maximise the impact of starvation of millions of Tegaru. Children, women, the old and the sick are dying in thousands.

No one will doubt that the world is not aware of the dire situation.

It is public knowledge that the troops of the government of Eritrea, the partner in crime of the Government of Abiy, have tortured and gang-raped over 120,000 women and girls in the first year of genocidal aggression in Tigray. In addition to infrastructural destruction and looting of poor peasants’ public and private property, machinery, and farming implements, reserve crops were burnt, and Eritrea stole their animals, to fuel the ongoing fire.

These atrocities must have been crisscrossing your desk of national and international institutions for the last two years.

The victims in Tigray are pleading for help from anyone. The US secretary of the state which could stop the terror in Tigray in no time, chose to wait and see more human suffering. We have heard many “concerns” but no action. One is forced to conclude, therefore, that your office is, directly or indirectly, tacitly sponsoring the war in Tigray.

Secretary of State, these attacks by the most ruthless dictators on Earth, Isaias Afewerki and Abiy Ahmed Ali, are neither rational nor human. To stop them is the duty and obligation of everyone and, most of all the UN General Secretary.

On the Rwandan genocide, the former head of the United Nations, Kofi Anan, remorse after it happened, “I could have stopped it”. His words were too little to late!

Bill Clinton said this would never happen again. However, genocide is taking place through public declaration of Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime minister of Ethiopia, who told Pikka Haavisto that the Ethiopian government wants to wipe out the people of Tigray from the face of the Earth. Indeed, all covert and overt actions are used behind the siege and blackout to deprive the international audience of what is going on, on the war front.

Children, women, and old and young people in towns, cities and villages are being bombed indiscriminately. Schools, churches, mosques, and hospitals are primary targets of Ethiopian, Eritrean, Fano, and Amhara Special Forces.

Amhara militias are focused on uprooting infrastructures and wherever they get the opportunity to the summary execution of young men, boys above the age of seven.

The Gang rape of women and girls has been intensified at an alarming rate, worse than what Eritrea/Amhara soldiers did in the in recent last offensives.

Concentration Camps and their external Sponsors

In the last two years, Tigrayans who lived outside Tigray were equally the victims of discriminatory imprisonments because of their identity. Over Ethiopia’s failed state, Tegaru became the prime target and source of looted funds for the Prosperity Party (PP).

Many rouge governments support the new fascist organization in power in Ethiopia under the PP. The superpowers who are interest and concerned of geo-political control are also failing the Ethiopian people in their quest for peace and development in the old empire on the verge of imploding.

Russia and China are ready to flex their muscle whenever they feel their interests are threatened. The regime in Addis Ababa has been getting grants, soft loans and debt services from the World Bank, IMF, and EU Union, which lubricates this brutal regime’s existence. On the one hand, they advocate the rationale of human rights, justice, and development, while the government is intensifying its concerted attacks on the mistreatment of specific sectors of society in Tigray and Oromia.

Abiy Ahmed Ali has promised agricultural land to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the fertile western land of Ethiopia. At the same time, Turkey was pledged to the fertile Awash valley. Iran is another theocratic regime that supports the Abiy Ahmed regime to get out of its pariah status. The last three autocratic regimes are keen on economic and religious expansion. In return, they have been supplying the administration of Abiy with drones and technical know-how in the raging war in the north and south Ethiopia.

Many western countries are engaged in preserving Ethiopia’s already failed state, which is further imploding. The state imposed human right abuse, the siege, the crime against humanity bombing on civilian residents, hanger as a weapon the war focusing on the extermination of the whole population. War of aggression on innocent people, the destruction of life-sustaining infrastructure, schools, churches, and mosques are targeted to destroy all historical relics of relevance to society.

The main tripartite aggressors in the war against Tigray are:

  1. The Federal Government of Ethiopia, led by Abiy Ahmed Ali, aimed at changing the current constitution, which does not allow him to be the monolithic decisions of the state. Abiy brought in other hostile regimes of the regain to entrench his disillusioned idea.
  2. The belligerent regime of Eritrea, led by Isaias has a deeply rooted grudge against the people of Tigray, had been in pain to attack the people of the area for no apparent reason. He may have dreamed of becoming an emperor of Ethiopia. Nonetheless, it was the wrong approach for his hallucinations to materialize. With a similar predicament of obsession for power, the two leaders emphasized that their common enemy was Tigray. Unsure of their precarious political position, they included Amhara elites and intellectuals to broaden the force of attack against Tigray.
  3. Two years ago, the emboldened regime of Abiy decided to take aboard the disgruntled Amhara paramilitary factions that included part-time bandits like Fano and dissatisfied peasants under the Amhara militia and Amhara special forces. The Amhara militia and special forces became part of the front’s cushion shock-absorbers of the army as cannon fodders of the armed aggression.
  4. Foreign powers: Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Iran are some emerging forces that wield power in the Horn of Africa. The superpowers may have their respective satellite states that arm the belligerent failed state of Ethiopia in the guise of maintaining “Ethiopian Unity”.

Beyond the geo-political facade of the superpowers are the vested economic interests, marking stands, and prioritizing types of investment. The current situation is favourable for the big institutions and transparent governments supporting the fascist government of Abiy Ahmed. With western states’ consent, he almost destroyed Ethiopia’s social, political and economic infrastructure. The investors who supported Abiy Ahmed to usurp power and justified his Noble Peace award, despite his true colours (swindler, fraudster, unreliable), were ready to embark free ride in controlling the life of the Ethiopian people for generations to come.

In the last two dark and bloody years, hundreds of thousands of people were killed by the joint forces of Abiy and Isaias Afewerki. It was estimated that over five hundred thousand Tigrayans died in the first year, and in the second year, the estimated figures had almost doubled. The government of Abiy Ahmed and his accomplices deliberately cut off the power supply and cut off telephone, banking, fuel, and transportation services. Except for a few enigmatic newspapers and TV broadcasters, Tigray was hidden behind the darkness of siege and strangulated by the silent death of famine to perish from history.

Tigray will prevail!


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