Stay collected, don’t get distracted!


(By Belay Ambelay) –

There are issues, and there are other issues. The latter are rare and sensitive. Custodians of rare and sensitive issues are custodians not only in name but in real terms. When they are told to confine secrets, it means just that—keep them close to their chest. No one, not even the closest of close persons would know or have a clue as to what the trustee knows or is up to. Everyone would be kept at arms length, with nothing to know about who is trusted to keep sensitive issues locked away and secured to the grave.

Look at it another way: not only one has to be superglued and zipped for life to prove the way sensitive issues have to be handled. If one volunteers to commit themselves to a cause and joins up with others with a similar commitment, and if one is dispatched for an expedition that may involve military engagements, one would not turn around and challenge the purpose of the expedition they are assigned to carry out. Or one would not request an explanation so as to be convinced as to why such an engagement was thought about and put into operation. Once convinced of a cause and enlisted, one would carry out what is instructed and simply follow wholeheartedly to make the operation a success, no ifs or buts.

Otherwise If expeditions and military operations are revealed prior to their happening, then they may be sabotaged.

In politics and military expeditions, the devil is in the details. The domain in which the devil reigns is too interconnected to be drawn in a straight line. It is fluid and changes directions all the time. Cannot be told in advance what the outcome would look like. One needs to go the whole hog with bated breath to make ends meet.

That said, every rank-and-file follower does not need to know details before hand. The purpose is to win, keeping the adversary in the dark.

Giving briefings in advance publicly undermines one’s own intent. For this reason, it is understood to shoulder a burden of marginal disadvantage for a cardinal win.

I am not going to go into details about why I am not giving details that led to the writing of the note, for if I do, I am defeating the point I raised, and it would give enemies of Tigray a clue as to what I am protecting; they should not know what we Tigrayans are thinking to keep them guessing.

One has to have faith in the judgement of the leaders until such a time that collapse is inevitable. Like the old adage ምብሕራር ተሰኪፍካ አይሕደርን ኸይደቐሰካ one cannot avoid going to bed to sleep for fear of nightmares. One has to go to bed in the hope of resting.


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