Which planet do Tigrayans live on?


(By Yared Huluf) –

There are two separate worlds, with one rule for one world and another rule for the second world.

There is an evangelical pastor whom Lord Boateng believes was sent from Heaven and is residing in Fenfinie. Oromia is now squatted by Amharas with a divine theanthropic who preaches that the first world ought not be marred and besmirched by the second world, that each world is distinct and ought to be run and ruled by its own elements. Hence, Africans must be governed by and conduct their affairs in the ‘African way’, which is a blue print for the second world to heed. It suggests that there is no need for an application of universal laws and justice but a law interpreted by folklore and tradition.

Some are even audacious enough to suggest that marauders , murders and rapists need to go scotch-free, unscathed for the sake of Ethiopian unity. A country where many ethnic nationalities, with distinct different culture and languages are crunched and coerced to speak and practice the aggressor’s language and culture against their wishes and consent.

For example if an aggressor smacks the right side of a face, the victim ought offer the left side for a second blow in grace.

If, as in the case of Tigrayans, one is surrounded by enemy forces and denied access to the outer world, the absurd logic suggests that Tigrayans ought to disarm themselves and submit to the will of their enemies in good faith. Yes, absurd!

Why are apologists worried about people who are armed to defend their survival instinct and why do they advocate for Tigrayans to disarm when by the same wave length they have failed to defend the Tigrayans from extinction by brutal means? How can the aggressors, who failed to adhere to the basic norms of peace, call the TPLF a terrorist group, especially when they came to power with resounding public backing. Do they want to tell us the Tigrayans as a whole are unique and terrorists?

The issues the world seems absurdly to focus on are not the brute violence, killing , rape and destruction Tigrayans face that matters; rather, the world’s need for preserving the sovereignty of a nation as the inviolable greater entity as a precedence over the dignity, human rights and justice deserved by Tigrayans.

In the world the Tigrayans live, there is no such thing as succeeding and living on one’s own peace. Living under oppression and aggression is a required condition to satisfy some oracular divinity of the Kale Heywet Church, one of Ethiopia’s largest evangelical denominations. Transitional justice tool kit, forgiving and reconciling criminals and murderers takes precedence over and above Tigrayan rights to live in peace so as to keep intact the great Ethiopian nation that fought Mussolini tooth and nail. Well didn’t Yugoslavia fight at the forefront against Mussolini much better than the Emperor in his hideout in the town of Bath, UK?

Otherwise why was it possible for Kosovo, Croatia, even Southern Sudan to secede from their aggressors to form their own nations, even though Yugoslavia had a bright past record compared to that of Ethiopia – are some worried to break this black empire apart?
There is no rule or common sense that a woman has to live with a violent abuser for the sake of ritual matrimony, nor is there for people to live with murderers and marauders for the sake of historic fame, which Ethiopia really never had. It is a charade in the mind of apologists serving their bellies and sensual desires.

Neither the first nor the second world cares about Tigrayans besieged for two years, violently attacked and killed for committing no crime. If anything Tigrayans enabled the Eritreans to achieve and legalise their Independence sacrificing blood and sweat, liberated Ethiopia from a Russia-backed military dictator who demanded cash in return for the bullets used to kill Amhara as well as others civilians.



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