Demons in disguise


When they believe

They are holier than holy
Excited with publicity
Going around without tension
To grab people’s attention
As messengers of Almighty’s mission;
No contention,
Others could match elation.

Voluptuous tellurian
Salacious vulgarian
Devoid of prevenance,
With no apercu or phronesis,
Seeking pleasure circadian,
Shielding behind God,
Spuriously regurgitating his words;
If you hesitate brandishing the sword;
Exploiting vulnerable spots
Finagle everything you possess(
Leave you with no means to stand.
But with dependant mind & hands.

If only they were not simonist ophidians,
Wrapped tête-à-tête with ugly sins.

When they knock on your doors;
Accost you on the roadsides,
Envelope you inside
Religious sites
Beware you are in for a surprise!

Belay Ambelay

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