Leaders through life and death!


Leaders through life and death!

They fear no poverty, they wouldn’t go without substance, even if and when close to be others would lend their limited resource for them not to go hungry.

They loathe luxury they are not on this planet to indulge but lead a normal life. They are the leaders in and out of office.

There are a few examples of people who bcame leaders for life and beyond, Nelson Mandela is one.

The question is: how did they became leaders for life?

To begin such people did not push themselves to grab the helm of power. In fact most were reluctant to accept the position not only by creating the conditions the position to vacant. They displayed no such a thing, but when it was foisted upon, they hesitated to fill in the vacuum.

Once they hesitantly accepted the position they stuck by the rules, always eager to be replaced by a deserving successors. They resisted the temptations that because they are fair,just and upright liked by people, to extend their stay on power, disillusioned by their good governances they wouldn’t prevaricate and insist to stay on under the pretext that if they had to go a less proficient would take on power. Nor would they recruit cabals to fence the powerhouse and claim it for indefinite time.

Leaders for life shun cynosures and fame, (even deserving and authentic, let alone to stage dramaturgy to harness it), as sources of paramnesia and prosopometamorphia and endeavour to lead life as ordinaries.

When people had been led by good governance, try some might, but the people will not cave in and submit to malfunction system anymore and would endeavour to restore the rule of law as they perceived it to be.

Once they are out of office, such leaders turn as moral leaders and consulted and listen to what they have say. Their opinions highly sought after and carries weight others couldn’t ignore. They lead a full life with peace of mind, corrupt leaders despite the wealth they accumulated, 24 hours protected by body guards, cannot provide.
Even if tragically killed, the pope up here, there, everywhere and haunt the perpetrators illimitably.

They have no enemies, once the system has been clean of crooks and it would be if lead by selfless leaders, and walk everywhere revered even by those who wish to harm them out of envy or mental imbalances.
Leaders for life do not need publicity and publicists, they are etched in the minds of all who benefited from their just rule.

They were/are presidents for life but they needed no guns, tanks or Television screens to maintain it.

Note:// I am aware Nelson Mandela was no angel. I have a feeling had he not thrown in to a prison and went through inhumane treatment one cannot imaging, he could have been no different than other ruthless power mongering. The prison treatment made him transmogrified, question the triviality of being and made him a better person the world had seen. But one need not go through the journey Mandela went through to be or not to be!

Temesgn Kebede

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