An imposter in the crown court jury!


An imposter in the crown court jury!

Anyone with a sane mind,
Unlike the impostor whose photo herewithin pinned,
Would not expect two predators:
Be it a lion, a Payton share the same den
Nor would a frog, a serpentine or a raptor the same shelter.
unless one has dead brain cells
The likes of Isaias’ cabals.

The irony: a predictor, as violent as it is
Never deprive or interfere with its victims, life styles,
If anything it protects the domain.
Nor does it wishes to completely uproot the stock all,
Unless it wishes to bring its own downfall.
Unlike land grabbers who show no interest
In the welfare of the victims but their assets.

It is not an intricate rocket science
As difficult to parse and analyse
Land grubbing colonisers as victors,
Wouldn’t live under the same lair
with their quarries;
With just and lagom equal degree.

Amhara elites hope and prey
That we wish to accept an identity-
a spitting image of personalities
Wrapped in a case orientate and flowery,
An oubliette redoubtably scary,
They call Ethiopia the country.

A biblical furphy sanctuary,
Where people of instinct temperaments contraries,
Compelled to reside faithfully,
submitting to butchery.
Add insult to injury,
Foot soldiers, Myrmidons,
mutineers claimed dispersers of mutiny,
Are engaged in a tourney as attorneys,
Backseat drivers encouraging to carry on the Hades chthonian journey!

Belay Ambelay

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