In the country of blinds one walleyed is a king! (updated)


You have subjects with innumerable white nits clung to their hair turning it to hoary. They have scarcely have food on their plate to sustain their lives. Their vision is blared, Stygian nystagmus is in a full sway. Thierry minds hallucinating susceptible to Freudian and misguided manipulations the architects display.

Isayas is on a campaign to preach that the Eritrean abject misery is due to external factors, nothing to do with his administration. It is to do with the Tigrayan bandits and their Western masters.

He then happily bragged he has taught unforgivable lesion to the low level Tigrayan servants but couldn’t do anything with the American rabid monstrous serpent, he claims it had devoured the ethnic Red Indians but with the same tone laments of the unjustified fall of the Russian empire, where various nationalities achieved their independence. Oxymoron thinking: the bad course of action American pursue agains the indigenous, the Russians couldn’t adhere to to keep the empire intact!

That is one thing and the other message is to the Eritreans. Externalise his internal problem. The Eritrean misery could not come to an end as long as America exists. So he is telling them to be brave and persevere their hellish way of life and adulate his demeanour as the wisest leader the world has ever seen.

No freedom of movement, if caught shot dead, if lucky caught and kept in a cargo corrugated container until nature decides to shorten the prisoners’ lives. No justice, no democratic governance, no rule of law, No elections, no opposition parties, no constitution, no private media, no civil advocacy group, no election commission, no audits commission, failed to sign international UN treaties, a Lawless dictator!

all these to do because America rules the world. Nothing can be done or changed as long as America exists the way it is run. Isayas has nothing do with these anomalies and the people have to live with it come hell or high water! At least until his new inamorata China took over the world! He is not quite sure if Russia as it has damaged itself, forced or otherwise, given up for good some of the nationalise it used to govern, so he stuck his luck with the Chinese putative success winning over the monster Yankee that devoured the Red Indians.

Contradiction all over, a psychopath who was herd stating that he wouldn’t come near to a place where Amharas are around let alone to will and deal us now professing to tie the knot and live happily ever after, hoping the skunk Tigrayans are cleared from the plot.

How come, if one is prepared to sleep in the same bed with those who bled you to death, one is not be able to live in peace with the Americans, who in fact finance your military hardwares at the time of independence, when the Russians stood against your cause?

How come Isayas fail to admit that the Tigrayans stood shoulder to soldiers with his troops for Eritrean cause? Had it not been for the Tigrayans operating in Greater Ethiopia to challenge and defeat the Amharas, at best the Eritreans under Isayas, would have been restricted to the geographical location of Eritrea, assuming they were capable and effective fighters,
their endeavour to achieve independence would have been grim and their struggle could have lasted for ever?

Last but not least, Isayas told on TV the hundreds of thousands of Tigrayan fighters list their lives for the reckless war ወያየ/Woyane instigated.

But one that matters most for the Eritreans, he failed to tell the Eritrean the number of Eritrean marauding troops lost. Is it just like a potato you roll over to a fire with pleasure to roast Eritreans youth treated, just like the other friend of his on the Ethiopian side with the lives of Welaytas, Sidamas, Gambellas, Afars, etc where no body would ask what happened to them.

Which is the biggest crime one can commit and get away with impunity? Talk of a crime of Americans against Red Indians that happened long time ago, you are doing it now; you wanted to be a champion of dead people log ago but you are burning people alive now logo.

Interview of Isaya Afeworke

Temesgn Kebed

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