Mr ‘I…Says’ (updated)


Mr ‘I says’ …..(i.e ኢሳያስ)
“It gives me jouissance
To announce
No one ought moan or groan
That Let God’s will be borne
That I and I alone
Shall sit on the throne.
As Christ ascended to the sky
I descended his place to occupy.
God forbid if I die,
Be it like Christ or otherwise crucified.

Who sits instead of I?
Make no pry
Nor exert needless awry
My son will be on the seat
Your needs to satisfy

This land, look alike an Adze
Pertrichor chernozem,
Marbly snazzy
But Hexed and hypnotised
Only to be misprized
Pulverised till abscise,
By the West poltergeist.
Mr I Says “
With the Adze
My country that is,
I or my son will hook up by the nose
And throw the west to the north
To the Arctic to freeze.

Till then Mr I or my son is your boss.

Temesgn Kebede

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