Oh, ‘Men..like’


High up inaccessible
It has caused me innumerable
Bring down that rotten apple
It has invited the crows and
Stinging wasps,
The serpents too rappelled
I had to grapple
To repeal the devil
I couldn’t walk in piece
Or rest under the staple.

It has taken advantage of its good name
Many took umbrage I am to blame
That I claim
With no shame
That an orchard with a fame
A nidus that I framed.

Little do they know
The Garden of Eden
Harboured the demon.
Adam and Eve bringing down!
This tree of mine
Is no better than explosive mines.

Self-serving apostles,
Who Conspire and jostle
To own the throne castle.
Spurious God sent troubadours
‘Men.. like’ detractors
That they claim they know better
On behalf of others
They have laboured
To save the house from fire.
When they aid and abet Malefic,
Diablos and Mephistopheles
Descending from hell;
Yes we know tyke ‘Men..like’,
Anti Tigrayan spike.

Belay Ambelay

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