A Criminal turned judge!


Unheard of unless one lives in another planet, a suspect turn recusant and refuse to submit to a crime law officer investigating a case either to clear the person as an innocent from the crime committed or charge as guilty in court of law for a decision to be reached. Where would you find a criminal sanctimony declaring her/himself a judge to investigate oneself to serve time for the crime committed – only in Ethiopia?

Where on earth would a suspect remonstrates that they need no body to investigate them. That they would do the investigation themselves and eventually, as expected. Would find themselves free of blame, unless it is in Ethiopia. Of course they have three thousand years of civilisation and no one ought question their integrity for deliverance! Will they?

As long as people live in a free and just society no one can get away from this. If one does then not justice is delivered but it will leave behind a permanent scare on the institution which it will never recover from. The same goes for the International Criminal Court.

Unless you are a member Ethiopian ruling circle who are running around the world asking leaders with a basket of goods as suborn and request the an imaginable favour to give in returns. That they ought not vote in favour of the a decision that the egregious genocidal crimes committed in Tigray be investigated by impartial body and submit its finding to the Court.

The Ethiopian and Eritrean governments felt they were the masters of Machiavellian plots to confuse and defuse the crimes they committed in Tigray against innocent people, and exacting what they were used to be doing against their own people and get away with it now and in the past.

They massacred 750 Tigryans in MyKadia and turn around and blamed the Tigray Government for the massacre by falsely presenting the Victims as Amharas -double jeopardy, victims turned criminals.
They planned and coordinated besieged and attack war from the get go and yet more turn around and tell the world that Tigray started the war on its initiatives against foreign and national forces combined.

If all these false claims were to be true as they purported why then wouldn’t they allow international investigative body to establish the cases? Why all these campaigns and memorandum of protest letters and presentation if they are clean of these crimes?

One persons injustice is all persons injustice. One brutal criminal is no different from another brutal criminal. The law is the same for all and must be applied to serve all. No amount of diplomatic hullaballoos and phoney gestures ought not wiredraw the international principles of accountability regardless of these low level crooks thaumaturgy.

Tigray genocide must be investigated by impartial International Criminal Court of Justice!

Temesgn Kebede

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