when violence has spread everywhere?


Justice sleeps inside dictionary, nothing around is fair

Tigrayans have been chucked off their house,
strangers are leaving there
they are displaced, sleeping hungry, freezing bare
violence and lawlessness rules, what hope is there?

Half of Tigray’s land, annexed,
Tegaru’s homes squatted,
the neighbours evicted,
village names edited,
Identity erased,
ethnicity deleted,
complaints questioned
grievances doubted,
Thuggery, forgery, vandalism, rape and violence endorsed,
the plight for justice, sabotaged, rejected
‘The Pretoria’s deal’, mocked, forgotten, disregarded.

What hope is there for justice?
In its absence, would be no peace.

UN ‘shredded’ HR scripture to throw,
While Tigray hoped on international law,
ICHREE is cancelled nothing is to show

in this conundrum, where do you look for hope?
What UN left to Tigray looks a ‘hanging rope’

Who holds the perpetrators
If UN fails to act upon, murderous’ dictators

What hope is there, what justice exist?
While hunger, siege and genocide still persist
In what style do you fight,
How do you demand or insist?
For the war crimes and criminals in list

After all that happened, this is just unfair
What is left for us, what hope is there?

Jerusalem Barnabas October 5/2023 with disappointment to ICHREE’s cancellation

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