Two sides of a coin!


There are those gross,

Who taught themselves an ethos
An Amhara and Ethiopia edifice
Is a two sides of a coin – a truth:
Come face to face:
Either you have both
Or no other to choose.

You may be compelled
To speak out and propel,
The destiny of the other people
Who are led to believe
That they too are under its spell?

The Amharas would then tell
That this is a myth, a tale-tale,
Everyone love to wag their tails.

In fact the rest are, if you like, a protective purse,
To keep the coin secured and safe

Some are even scums bedaubed on the coin’s faces,
Albeit, ungainly defiles its grace.

Nonetheless the stain,
Doesn’t contain,
The purchasing power of the coin.
So no need resources to waste to glean, wash or clean.

However if the stain turns caustic
You need to apply cathodic.
Before the coin lost it universal magic.

But one thing must be clear;
Talk of a coin,
The purse it is contained
Or the undesired grease stain
Must not be taken,
As one and the same strain.

The coin is the essence
The rest are casual coincidence
That needed to turn round
To serve a desired purpose.

Yared Huluf

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