A Poacher turn game keeper!


Menelik walking with an aid of a cane but claimed leading the Battle of Adua on 1/3/1896.

By Belay Ambelay

A Poacher turn game keeper!

Since when do things get better
When a poacher turns game keeper;
A blood thirst barbaric aggressor
A champion of peace maker.
Blatherskites usageaster
Proclaimed as a teacher.

A diabelerie sorcerer
Engaged in simony
Anointed as a priest,
Sinfully directing people’s destiny.

A scowflow appointed barrister
as a legal defender
A brigand seated as a judge at the centre
A freebooter the rightful owner of others
A rapist turned a human dignity advocate.

A father, at that an emperor,
who became a schlockmeister dealer;
Who wilfully betrothed
his own sons and daughters
To those he bitterly loathes,
For no other reasons
than to grab land he craves
So as to slake his expansionist desire.
With little respect for the putative grandsons and daughters
Let alone the victim tillers.

A Caesar turn Bolshevik
As expected beguiles,
Pretends living in harmony
with dutifully mavericks;
Seeking independence.

Retrospectively assessing ikigia
Proffering equpollent,
Lagom and aliquot
As gauiding principles,
Herewith in homes and basilicas
To be taught.
Argy-bargy talks.

An absolutist turned defender of human rights,
A mogul the likes of Menelik
Masqueraded as a democrat fanatic.
A traitor displayed as jonnock,
Sticking out like a dog’s bollocks.
Tittle-tattle, a coffee ceremony talks.

An Amhara nationalist,
With perverted ego and psychic
Preaching those intent culpits
Who tackled and shackled
Un winnable battle
A waste of time raddled and bedraggled.
The only language they know little
Is when victims settle
Force with force
Till they buckled.


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