Adwa: An Indictment: This can only happen in Ethiopia!


By 1945, at the end of the Second World War, the Germans understood that they had
been misled and taken for a ride by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, under
the leadership of Hitler.
The Germans then atoned and vowed never again would such monsters rise to power;
one sin too many. Their naivety to follow a herd and then their ability to reverse could
only be taken by adaptive and flexible German minds, perhaps because the Germans
are insightfully wise or remarkably ‘advanced’. I will leave this for you to contemplate; I
have no ready made answer to provide. But one thing is sure: the Amhara elite and
ruling class committed far worse sins and crimes against other nationalities under their
occupation for 800 years.

Please click the link Adua An Indictment to read full article.


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