Land sweet land: Over my dead body!


Show a baboon, who is perched high up on a ficus vasata,ዳዕሮ with plenty of figs to chomp, a banana for a change . Without a second thought, the baboon it will descend down, lowering its instinctive guard to defend itself against the purveyor; with bananas in hand, it is no more considered a threat to the baboon. It is a bonus finding in the vicinity a rare banana so much so that the priority is to have it and then climb back onto the ficus later! A logic of a baboon as clearly perceived!

How silly: the baboon got it wrong. The purveyor had a cudgel hidden behind his back. He relishes the baboon’s rizzared Caracas as a delicatessen.

An Amhara clan that was exclusively limited and confined to Amjober/Meherabetie and then spread over to Wereelu/Wollo, Gojjam and Bejja Medir, renamed by who else but Amhara as Gonder/ጎኑ-እደር (euphemistic to mean sleep close enough next your enemy so as to surprise and attack) by forcefully expropriating and displacing the indigenous people. The Amhara clan love grabbing and owning land of others. This could be a psychological disorder of scarcity. It creates not only animosity, epicaricacy/Schadenfreude and envy but also asset destruction in the manner in which the Luddites perversion generates.

The clan had limited land to begin with and the impulse to search for more land has become second nature.
The clan would and indeed has done anything and everything to gain land. It has today, in the past and it will in the future connive with foreign forces of all beliefs and race to destroy autochthonous/indigenous people to grab their land.
Yekuno Amlak (1270-1285), Wedem Arad Yekuno Smlak (1299-1314) and Amede Seyon I (1314-1344) sought the aid of Ifat and Hadya Moslems to overthrew that the last Zagwe king deposed by Yekuno Amlak was Na’akueto La’ab.
Dawit II Naod (1496-1540), Geladewos Dawit II (1521-1559), Menas II (1559-1563), Sarsa Dengel Menas (1563-1587), Susenyos Fasil (1571-1632) colluded and turned Jesuitized to satiate their land grabbing of Wollo, Gojjam and Beja Medir, well and beyond outside Showa/Merhabetie where they were once confined as nugatory dwellers.

Now you know well why the Amhara wag their tails when they are offered not only a land but a port, they could see and/or float to reach the rest of the world, that they are gone somnambulists, sleep walking, kyoodling gibberish and brandishing their swords to claim the land at all costs, doused with blood and macadamised with the human bones.

Amhara is not loyal to anybody but to his viscera. The Eritreans will learn the hard way that they would be shot dead with the weapons which they armed the Amharas with to fight the enemy, both cultivated for yet another aggressive conquest of Tigray.

Show them a piece of land, the Amhara will abandon anything at hand, (let alone a marriage of convince with the Eritreans) and go berserk to grab and claim Assab to insuffkate ecstatically the sea air.

Belay Ambelay

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