Isaias Remembered!


How would Isaias be remembered,
If anyone cares
To dredge up painful memories
Buried in the back of their minds?

“A ghoul sanguivorous
Who dwells in a blood bath,
smeared with flesh,
His satisfaction and
His devilish desire cacoethes”.

He does not understand that
However powerful he stands,
He cannot get away from
A reckoning day that
Will soon come his way.

With the sword he slays
He too will pay
His integument flayed
And his head served on a tray.
Its a question of time
But history will replay.

Promises betrayed,
Peaceful life denied,
Self-respect ditched into the sluice,
Dignity and chariness disabused.
Perambulate to work
And after a long day,
Return home
To put bread on a plate;
Looking for tomorrow,
Watching the young grow,
Hoping to glow,
Turned hallow
After so much sacrifices paid on the gallow
To gain freedom from colonial falcon talons.
Despair that followed
Eritreans peregrinated like swallows
But unlike a swallow,
They never return home to their soil to wallow.

One thing is clear
Isaias will never change his brain.
It’s a hopeless case to entertain.
Eritreans need to restrain,
Bring down this reign,
The Beelzebub handcuffed in metal chain.
Only that way
Your suffering will drain.

Temesgn Kebede

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