Do they know Christmas?


On a donkey’s back
All the way to Bethlehem monadnock
She countenanced to brook,
But the journey had a place to take.

Eon has passed.
Did they know the first Christmas
When Mary delivered Chistos?

In a stable, dung-seared with piss,
But safer than it would have been in a royal place.
Beasts turned Engels
Protected the baby from pagan menace.

But not long passed,
They stretched their arms
And dragged him out to the Calvary
To crucify Him on the cross,
While Mary faced down on marram grass.

Following an “Ark,” the Avatar
They thought was done and dusted
Hovered 360 degree, full circle,
And landed this time at Aksum,
Where once again the fete of Christmas resumed.

No sooner than later his arch enemies,
Followed his route
And Aksum fare no better;
It was brought down to its roots.

How not blessed.
Tigray did you know of Christmas,
In peace,
Free from hunger, driven en mass and political Chaos,
Invidia! That is all it is
The Amhara elite connived, gloated over to rejoice?

Belay Ambelay

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