The Paradox of nimiety!


They denied people, and keep denying them, health services they believe they are entitled to, because they justify themselves deserving to maintain their wellbeing above those struggling with health issues. In their views, the world would not run smoothly without them being in the driving seats in a fine fettle.

They denied others education because of hey love to be seen as the only enlightened persons narrating false history and advancing alchemy instead of science. Whatever comes out of their mouths is taken as ‘the word of God’.

They pierced victims hearts
With bayonets: And split apart.
They were glad to see profuse blood gushing, just like a flash flood.

The hate they show towards victims existence, let those affected, anyone far a distance,
could not understand.

They sided with mortal foreign enemies to see the subordinates’ demise, even when the subordinates stood firm to defend they victors’ safety and well-being from the very evil forces they connived to turn around to lend their hands. They are an imponderable (tergiversate) ineffable monster beyond which the planet could accommodate.

They choose the time and place to attack when subordinates were exposed and vulnerable.

They were pleased ti see victims mercilessly inflicted with wounds to gloat over, hoping their victims were finished and dead.

They are, have always been ecstatic to see the body of subordinates stretched on the ground flat lying on its back, the faces contorted, begging for mercy, but when
Instead theyvsaw stern looks in my face, nerves stolid as ever,
maugre turbulent encounters. Victims were unperturbed. They showed equanimity in the face of extremity. Seemed to Pleased to have the victirs’ constant presence removed from their visions, their minds felt at last rested in peace. They were happy to die rather than live under the wrath of the victors diabolical misrule- misrule as expected from a black and predatory colonial dictator that they are.
What us/was there to miss being alive, except abuse, better to die and rest in peace. The motto stands!

Beat them till their arm muscles were strained, could no longer sustain the bashing of victims’ brains.
Likewise, their vicious kicking lost force and turned weak, as their legs could no longer swing back and forth as they hoped and wished, rather as if they themeselves were the victims at the receiving end; The victors displayed hangdog looks, didn’t know what else to do against their victims, anymore than killing them? The victors turned losers: appeared luckless at the end of their tether.

The faces of their victims that showed an aplomb come their eventual doom – “Happy to die, as they were happy to stay alive, turned a spectre haunting the victors.”

Staying alive: What was there to miss?
Better dead and rest in peace.

The victims became an indomitable power when dead, to challenge the victors dreaded to dare.

There is one common thing amongst colonisers and land grabbers that transcends skin colour, race, culture – they all are victims of your greed – they finally die not because of a lack of necessities but because of nimiety, plethora of necessities. How twisted life can be other than this paradox.

The victors committed appalling acts of brutality that they themselves wouldn’t want in a million years to be inflicted upon them. And yet when you observed the victims of violence happy regardless of the punishment endured, you thought what else you could have done to make them scared if death failed to do the job. Then the victors panicked, didn’t know what worse they could inflict other than death to scare your adversaries who stood stolidly defending against the despicable acts of brutality and destructions.

Let alone human beings who bonded and showed solidarity the victors proselytised from one religion to another; when that didn’t work they began to practise diabolic sorcery scarifying and drinking human blood for redemption that never happened. They are lost for ever, this time round no recovery for goodness sake; good riddance – thank God at last.

Yared Huluf

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