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Dictators, call them any other names you like, all the same, are demons but present themselves as saviours. No matter how they are approached and persuaded they won’t badge an inch from what they feel is right and carry on wreaking havoc inflecting maximum damages. They have no guilt as they see war as a source of pleasure, distractions success, death bless. They are suspended in a negatively charged fourth dimension; Demagogues exploiting and pleasing their disillusioned bases.

No matter when a person committed a blander but recognised the mess in hand sight come hell or water is one thing and appreciated. Dictators never admit to anything; they feel it diminishes their stature. There are two errant adventures. One who for lack of comprehensive knowledge, later shrives, albeit belatedly and the other is a scienter who is in full knowledge of the act committed. Dictators are the latter, scienter.

It would be a waste of time and energy to plead with to change course for dictators. It won’t work. The more you plead the more flatter dictators turn and scoff the mediators as fools.

That said, world leaders obsequiously appeased Hitler, Mussolini and Francisco in the hope they would change course but to no avail. 75 million people lost their lives, leave aside the distractions entailed. Just people try to save lives, regardless of their feeling who they save, dictators kill foes and friends alike without blinking their eyes.

The same is repeating now. The Israelites had a fair share of trouble in history. From 1750 BC the Israelites found themselves crossing over Canaan to Egypt only to face slavery, building cities the likes of Rameses and Pithom as manual labourers.

After 430 years of slavery had done it toll and Joseph, their leader was brutally killed, the Israelites began instructions that came to a successful end of exodus led by Moses; after 40 years of ups and downs took them back home around 1320 BC.

History recorded in 1200 BC Palestinians inhabited the costal land of what is now called Gaza Strips.

In 66 AD the Romans yet again destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem, the city of Judeah,
exterminate Israelites and forced the rest to diaspora, some of ending in Italia were forced to slavery.

Those who managed to seek refuge in the rest of Europe and Russia lived as second class citizens with no human rights including owning land.

As if that was not enough. Come World War II the Jewish were subjected to the most heinous crimes the world has not seen before. Jewish turned easy pickings to exploit and experiment in cruelties. The Israelites had no where to go, now her to stay. They were the pariah no one wanted to live with. What happened next in details you know as we all do.

Crossing that dark wall of inhumanity, the Israelites lived on a knife-edge thereafter, haunted by bug bear that their existence is as it had been always under threat. No wonder the Israelites cross the over the pale and commit war crimes against the Palestinians. But the caveat: there is no justification for their act against the Palestinians. All I am highlighting is that for a society living on a knife-edge such errant is a possible probability to happen against other people, in this case the Palestinians. That said, there is no ground to justify the act.

Likewise I am not declaring that the Palestinians are entirely innocent people all the time. Yes, they have a just cause. Its is their universal rights to live in peace, just, with dignity, self respect and to govern themselves unfettered.
But the process of their struggle to achieve these, at times, they were destructed to mix-up external causes of other Arabs embedded in their just cause. Perhaps one would say, given that they were unmatched to the Israelite, overwhelmed in power and resources, they needed the Arab help, in return the Arabs were using the Palestinians are a cheaping-bargain to extract spoils from the rest of the world, including Israel. Again I am not justifying this but stating the circumstances intently or otherwise that led to the mixing up of causes.

That said, however we agree the Palestinian cause is a universally accepted/appealing just cause, and so people all over the world who stand for just causes ought and would support regardless the differences in culture and beliefs.
The Palestinians at this juncture garner Arab support by all means ( especially those who showed no ulterior motives supporting their causes) but also Palestinians would need world support from those who stand for social justice as evinced by South Africa to take an historic example.

Once the Palestinians overcome their troubles, as they move forward, care and clear conscience would be required not to be tools of others to promote their vested interest. Their relation to the neighbours, including Israel needed to be based on mutual respect and peaceful coexistence.

Right from biblical times the Palestinians have not intensionally offended the Israelites. If it was it was not the Palestinians who undermined Israelites; it was others. To start with it was the Romans followed by the rest widening the gape the Romans created.

If peace is hard coming by, then….

As in the past, the conjectural ambience was as unassuming and yet totalitarians began to rare their heads and when they felt nobody bothered to notice they began to slither and took over key positions, and you know the rest: 75 million dead people had to pay the price. That was then and this is now to happen perhaps at the price no one could imagine.

Dictators are all over the places. They have as then taken over governmental key positions. For little or no reasons they are provoking others to engage in wars.
Once they have control of power there is little if any onlookers could do to stop them committing genocidal crimes. They have managed to recruit myrmidons who wouldn’t listen but their masters. Without delivering Elysian paradise they promised them, the dictators and acolytes pretend they live in the fourth dimension feeling they have been awarded the world they dreamt and wouldn’t, couldn’t badge from their phantom existential of nirvana.

That is them, how about the rest? Leaders who could duty fully and justifiably challenge them are no where to be seen. The world is run by mundane second class apple-polishers too busy pleasing dictators to gain brummagem trinkets in the hope they would stay long enough in offices without which, they feel, they would not please their base.

Once power is consolidated in the hands of fascists extended war, possibly world war is inevitable. It is a question of time. And the fascists are the ones who sets the clock. Words, nice words, diplomacy wouldn’t stop them from executing their plots. They couldn’t help but execute their plots. They couldn’t look backward for escape. They have already committed untold crimes. The only way is forward creating yet more havoc.

Yes, if there were legendary leaders
Whose conscience is governed by justice and fairness there was hope but now world is run by mediocre, mythomaniacs who wish to hang on to power at all cost, fascists get a freeway to bring ultimate distractions.

Regrettably we could see when it is too late they would scramble for actions but the damage is already done the world has to pick up the piece if at all any is left in these days and age.

War is allowed to rage by world leaders in search of partner in troubled water so as to soften undesirable hard core oppositions to to the USA and Europe, albeit the oppositions are fighting against injustice and human rights violation. Once the war partially or fully decimated the undesirable hard core opposition/s, world leaders would appear to show their support for the Palestine cause. Their initial support for the war appears to be to appease and appeal to their base that they back Israel. Once the war had taken its toll, wreaking the radical elements in Palestine, world leaders turned round called for peace and cease fire. expressing that the war couldn’t go on because it is un winnable.

It is right the war is un-winnable or could go on its magnitude will radically change and turn world over. Stop they will but at cost and untold damages. This is politics: Las Vegas gambling habits: still butter than nothing.

There are other types of politicians: chthonian, who have not accomplished an iota but sanctimoniously turn up to advocate the causes of their pelople they haven’t cared to transform and alivate their miseries.

Lately, leaders from Sri Lanka and India justify to send migrant workers to Israel to replace the Palestinians forcefully removed from their jobs as an avenue of opportunities open to them at the expense of the victims. If they really care for their unemployed workers the two countries ought and should have created the opportunities themselves rather than mooching from Palestinians. This is not only opportunism, unjust and immoral.
Instead of putting pressure on the earring groups they began fishing in troubled and polluted waters.

Why would the world award Nobel Prize for a person they didn’t know and reverse their words as if they didn’t know. Who is to blame for the crimes and mess created in East Africa?

Why are Somalian soldiers now enticed to earn 10 fold of his/her wages to fight in Ukraine. When the soldier die at the war front how is he/she going to get the 10 fold when they are no more: dead?

Simply put the world is in shambles and heading your yet another man made disaster. The world is sleep-waking but unlike sleep-walker it may not be waken.

Yared Huluf

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