Open letter to Mr QU Dongyu (PhD) FAO Director-General


Dear Dr Qu Dongyu,

The recent award bestowed upon Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for his purported commitment to food security and nutrition is deeply troubling. Despite widespread reports of blocked humanitarian aid, man-made famine, and destroyed agricultural sectors under Abiy’s leadership, the FAO seems disconnected from the harsh realities faced by the people of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE).

Please clickthe link Letter to Mr QU Dongyu FAO to read full letter.


1 thought on “Open letter to Mr QU Dongyu (PhD) FAO Director-General

  1. The Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Awarded by FAO for starving to death the people of Tigray and Ethiopia. Shame on you for your corrupted actions.

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